President Falmouth

This position represents all Falmouth University students, with a particular focus on academic issues and representation, working alongside Course Reps and Department Reps.
Hannah de Oliveira Whitlock, SU President Falmouth


Hi, I’m Hannah! I love the outdoors—cliff jumping, adventuring, and camping bring me a lot of joy. Working with my hands in ceramics, bookbinding, and other physical crafts alongside photography are very important to me and help me to be connected to myself and everything around me. Considering the difficulties of modern living, I strongly believe in the significance of unassessed creativity, physical making and exploration; something I wish to focus on during my time as Falmouth President.

I aim to spark meaningful dialogues and inspire constructive change. I believe that communication is a fundamental mechanism that enables connection, understanding, knowledge, empathy, education, information and the preservation of our cultures. So, I’m always up for a chat n a cuppa hot milk.

- Hannah de Oliveira Whitlock

News & updates

Roles & responsibilities

  • To be the recognised academic representative for members for Falmouth University, attending high-level meetings.
  • Represent student views to Falmouth University, FX Plus, local and national bodies.
  • To consult with the student members, both formally and informally, and represent their interests appropriately.
  • To be a Sabbatical Trustee of the Students’ Union ensuring the organisation is fulfilling its charitable purpose.
  • To support the development of the Falmouth University Student Rep system.
  • Work closely with the other Sabbatical Officers on joint priority campaigns to improve the student experience.
  • Work closely with the VP President roles, jointly working on projects and delegating as appropriate.

Manifesto priorities

My priorities revolve around fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, advocating for the integration of non-assessed creativity within academia, and establishing stronger connections between students, university resources and the SU.

I wish to establish platforms that facilitate the merging of diverse perspectives to promote innovation, collaboration and skill diversity. Notable examples of such platforms include Falmouth’s Wednesday Open Workshops and Workshop Festival, which effectively connected students with university facilities, skilled technicians, and peers they might not have otherwise met. Bringing back, maintaining and expanding these platforms could greatly enhance the overall university experience, foster a sense of community, and bolster employability.

I would like to contribute to the development of Springboard Studios should the program secure sufficient funding. Many studies* highlight the importance of proximity to "blue spaces" such as the sea, engaging in non-assessed creative activities, place-based learning, and networking within diverse creative industries. These elements are vital for maintaining well-being, community building, and employability.

Furthermore, I would like to work on improving communication channels to ensure students are well-informed, avoid missing important extra-curricular or study/work abroad deadlines, are aware of available opportunities, and have a clearer understanding of the Student Union's activities.

*If this tickles your fancy, read some studies here:

Shared Priorities

  • Climate Action

Supporting students to cultivate power within their communities, helping them to take proactive steps towards realising the changes they want to see.

  • Communication and Engagement

Ensuring students are well-informed about what the SU is doing, as well as university services to prevent missed opportunities.

  • Building community

Helping students to feel a sense of belonging and attachment to their Cornwall and/or University community.

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