Representation and democracy is at the heart of all students' unions. Taking part in elections makes sure your voice is heard when you vote for the people you want to represent you. Your voice and your vote build the plans and projects of the union.
Candidates at the annual Elections in 2023.

Your voice

Representation and democracy runs through the heart of what we do as a Students’ Union. Elections are important, as this process ensures we are democratic and student-led in all of our endeavours as an organisation. We have nearly 400 elected representatives who ensure that students have a powerful voice that can influence decision making around their student experience.

Autumn Elections 2023

Vote in September for the people who represent you on your course. Course reps, department reps and SSLC chairs are all vital roles in supporting SU democracy and making sure your voice is heard by your university staff.

Vote in the Autumn Elections

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Past SU Elections

President Elections 2023

Well done to all candidates and thank you to all voters in this year's elections. Your winners and Presidential team for 2023/24 have been announced.

Your SU President team for 2023/24 is Connie Chilcott (President Exeter), Hannah De Oliveira Whitlock (President Falmouth), Orestis Collins (Vice President), Phil Green (Vice President). Congratulations to our elections winners and see you in June to start your new roles.

NUS Delegate Elections

Represent Falmouth and Exeter Students' Union at the NUS National Conference and the NUS Liberation Conference to meet new people, hold student leaders to account, and make your voice heard.

President Elections 2022


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