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Our Student Council is the key campaign and policy-making student body on our campuses. They represent you and your views in a host of different ways, on issues ranging from social experience to academic quality, to liberation and much, much more.
Students gathering feedback at The Big Rep Meeting

Who is on the Student Council?

Great question! Everyone who sits on the Student Council is an elected student volunteer who becomes one of our Part-Time Officers

What do they do?

The Part-Time Officers work closely with our Sabbatical Officer team to represent your views in a host of meetings, forums and with the full Students’ Union. Essentially, our Student Council helps to promote your voice and your needs both to us, as your SU, and to both Universities we work with so that your voice can enact real and meaningful change.

Sounds good, but why do we need it?

We need Part-Time Officers to effectively represent the views of current Falmouth University and University of Exeter Cornwall students, so representation runs through the core of our activity, services and campaigns. We also use this information and these ideas to inform and enhance how both Universities make decisions, through our Sabbatical Officer team.

Without students (our members) at the heart of what we do, it makes our job as a Students’ Union really hard, because the whole purpose of us as an organisation is to exist for the advancement of student experience (in all forms) on campus.

How do you submit an idea to Council?

Anyone can submit an idea for change at any time of the year! If you have an idea or suggestion to improve the student experience for current or future students, let us know. We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions, please email us at

Find out more

Interested in becoming a Part-Time Officer?

Head over to our elections page to read role descriptions, see what positions are vacant and nominate yourself for a Part-Time Officer role. If you would like more information about the roles, contact 

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