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Universities are rife with regulations – that’s not a criticism, it’s just the way it is.

From time-to-time students can find themselves on the wrong end of this procedure or that regulation.  If you’re that student, you might want to discuss what’s happened, or happening, with an SU adviser.  

Below is a list of the type of issues that sometimes arise together with links to the relevant pages on the two Universities’ websites – if you need some help, get in contact with The Students' Union Advice Service.

Our list includes only the more ‘popular’ regulations - there are lots of others too!  See your University’s website for details or contact us for help.

Academic Appeals Exeter Falmouth (See Appeals)
Academic regulations Exeter Falmouth (See Academic Regulations)
Academic and exam misconduct Exeter Falmouth (See Academic Integrity)
Attendance monitoring policy   Falmouth (See Student Registration)
Complaints policy and procedure Exeter Falmouth (See Complaints)
Course suspension and cessation procedure   Falmouth (See Other Regulations)
Extenuating or mitigating circumstances Exeter, Exeter Falmouth (See Extenuating Circumstances
Fees policy   Falmouth (See Finance)
General regulations Exeter  
Student discipline (non-academic) Exeter Falmouth (See Student Discipline)
Health, Well-Being and Support for Study (Fitness to Study) Exeter Falmouth (See Help & Support)
Interrupting studies or intermitting Exeter, Exeter Falmouth (See Student Registration)
Withdrawing Exeter Falmouth (See Student Registration)


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in these advice pages. However, they cannot be regarded as a substitute for statutory regulations or individual advice which is available from SU Advisers.