Mission, Vision, Values

At the SU, we aim to stay true to our core Mission, Vision and Values, which enables us to be the best Union we can be, for you. Our mission is to provide a world class student experience for all our students. Get to know us and what makes us tick below.
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Our vision.

A world class student experience for all our students.

Our mission in pursuit of this vision.

To have a positive impact on every member's personal student journey.

Our core values.


We consider the impact of our work on and for everyone, not just those who are most visible. We strive to reach, respect and work with those who may need our help and support the most.


We work in partnership with our universities, other organisations, and the wider community to achieve the best student experience for our members with our members.


We want to help people achieve the best they can. We focus on giving enough support to help people to help themselves to succeed.

Our personal behaviours.


We will always be open, trusting and trustworthy in all our dealings.


We will always consider others needs and expectations.


We will always, where appropriate, have a good time at work!

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