Our Governance is set out by our Union Constitution, Bye-laws and Board of Trustees, all of which come together to set out our charitable aims; guiding how we work and ensuring the union is well run.
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Constitution & Bye-laws

The Union's Constitution is its governing document; it sets out charitable aims and much of how we must work as a Union.

The Constitution is supported by a number of Bye-Laws, which provide the detail on how the Students' Union should be governed.


The SU Board of Trustees are the group of people working with your best interests at heart to ensure that the Students' Union is well run. They have ultimate responsibility for everything that the SU does, including its governance, financial and strategic management.

The current board is made up of four Student Trustees, four President Trustees and three Lay Trustees. Details of each of the Trustees can be found below:

  • Connie Chilcott - President Exeter (Chair)
  • Jadelle Luckman - President Falmouth 
  • Fina Day- Vice President
  • Marketa Carruthers - Vice President
  • Paul Northmore - Lay Trustee
  • Candice von Memerty - Lay Trustee
  • Kevin Werry - Lay Trustee (Deputy Chair)
  • Reece Ward - Student Trustee
  • Theo Aldridge-Stone - Student Trustee 

If you would like to find out more about the SU Board of Trustees, email Head of People and Governance.

Trustee meeting minutes



Our financial information can be found on the Charity Commission website.

The latest The latest Trustees Report and Statutory Accounts (year ending July 2023)

Our Finances, including income, expenditure and the way that the charity functions financially.  Can be found here - Our Finances

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