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We love hearing from you! Contact us if you want to say hey, ask a question, provide some feedback, launch a complaint or anything in between. We’ll know what to do. And if we don’t, we will most likely know who does.
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Penryn Campus: opposite the Stannary, next to the Masters Suite

Falmouth Campus: in the hub past the bottom of Fox Cafe

Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union
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Falmouth & Exeter Students' Union
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Any person or group of people dissatisfied with their dealings with The Students' Union has the right to make a complaint.

All complaints will be dealt with fairly, confidentially and promptly. Anyone making a complaint will not be discriminated against as a result of making a complaint.

Making an informal complaint

To make an informal complaint, please bring the matter to the attention of the Manager of the service, or President responsible for the area in question. When appropriate, we will look to resolve the complaint via an informal discussion about the matter at the earliest opportunity.

Making a formal complaint

A formal complaint must be made in writing to the Deputy Chief Executive. Under normal circumstances, a complaint concerning the Deputy Chief Executive would be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The complaint will then be delegated to an appropriate investigator. Alternatively, you can fill out our complaints form to make a formal complaint - this is automatically sent to the Deputy Chief Executive and the Head of People and Governance

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Please refer to our policies page for the full process and timescales

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Falmouth & Exeter Students' Union
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