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We’re looking to our future and planning what your SU will deliver until 2024. Our new strategy, Here Together, focuses on community, diversity of voices and student wellbeing.
The SU Here Together strategy is summarised in our student-led mural by Abby Mundell.

We are undertaking a review of our organisational strategy to map out how we move forward as an organisation and develop the support and experience we offer students. We’re calling this new strategy SU Here Together.


Why should I care about the SU Here Together Strategy?  

Our strategy, ‘Here Together: our priorities to 2024’ was launched in February / March 2022 and recommitted the Students’ Union to the vision of a world class experience for all our students and to the values which define the charity.

Our current strategic objectives are informed by the voices of over 2, 000 members, they are:

  • Help to support student wellbeing.
  • To provide welcoming communities for students to be part of.
  • To increase the diversity of students within representative roles.

Students also talked about the importance of:

  • Inclusivity.
  • Environmental sustainability.
  • Understanding how they can make the most of the Students’ Union.

Over the year we have continued to make sure that students can access the help, advice, guidance, support and funding they need through activities such as:

  • Helping 600 students to access confidential help, advice and support from the SU.
  • Over 800 student representatives were trained and supported.
  • 2, 892 club and society members attending over 5, 000 events and activities, and as part of our Here Together plan we have:

We have also progressed Here Together priorities aimed at making improvements to the way in which we support wellbeing, create welcoming communities and increase the diversity of representatives within SU roles whilst embedding our approaches to inclusivity, sustainability and sharpening the way we explain who we are. These have included:

  • Ensured Free period products are provided both now and in the future in all loo’s across campus.
  • Launched a pantry for students with dry / tinned food products given to students at no cost.
  • Improved the insight we provide for elected representatives to lobby for the changes you want to see.
  • Involved students in discussing ways to update ways in which students come together to debate, decide and act.
  • Reviewed and changed the elected Sabbatical Officer roles and responsibilities to help increase the diversity of candidates standing and even out workload.
  • Shared real life stories of students getting involved in their SU to help other students to see themselves and get involved.
  • Launched a new project fund for students to run events and activities which help to combat loneliness with over 65 new projects running with over 1, 000 students attending.
  • Supported new student led networks forming, for example ADHD; BIPOC; mature and interfaith.
  • Completed a full review of our imagery and tone leading to a sharper image and clearer voice.
  • Put in place improved EDI monitoring for Trustees and as part of recruitment processes.
  • The Board of Trustees developed an Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity statement of intent which is aspirational and will direct action and activity.
  • As an employer we became part of the Healthy Cornwall scheme and the Disability Confident Scheme, launching a brand-new policies for our staffing team including Neurodiversity and Menopause.
  • We created a brand-new Sustainability Policy.
  • We’ve reviewed how we manage our finances leading to an ethical banking and savings change project.

But we aren’t stopping there! So far this year we have:

  • Completed a complete refurb of the SU space in Penryn, to make it more welcoming for students.
  • Completed an Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity assessment which will inform our holistic approach to keep on developing.
  • Launched new SU Look After Your Mate training.
  • Launched a brand-new Gender Expression Fund
  • Delivered the first round of new Equality, Diversity and inclusivity training for students representatives.

With plans in place to:

  • Fill the SU space with student artwork led by a paid student curator role.
  • Launch new projects led by a paid student crew member which focus on personal safety combatting gender violence.
  • Pilot a new Assembly Model to replace Student Council, widening the diversity of views and opinions heard within the SU to lead to better debate and decision making on the things you want to change or improve.
  • Become part of Students’ Unions Green Impact awards to help us to run effective projects and campaigns, using our power in the student movement to create lasting change.

You can see the strategy document in full here.

Our Principles

We have developed an internal set of principles to help to describe the ways in which we aspire to go about our day to day.

To think, act and behave in ways which align with our purpose and values.

You can view our full organisational principles document here.

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