This is YOUR Students’ Union and we’re here to support you, as a student member, in making the change you want to see happen! Whether you want to launch a campaign or support something already in motion- we’re your humans.
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What can I campaign about?

Whether it’s campaigning for Meat Free Mondays or providing free sanitary products to help with Period Poverty, there’s a team of people ready to work with you to help make it happen.

Or do you want to support a campaign that’s already underway? Then we can help you get involved and put you in touch with the campaign team.

How can you support me to launch a campaign?

There are also funds available! As long as the event or campaign provides students with a new opportunity to get involved in student-facing activity or experiences, there are monies available up to £500 to make your project happen, via our new Campaign and Events Fund. 

Campaign & Events Fund

What even is a campaign?

Want some examples of campaigns we have run to get students involved and support causes like liberation, equality, sustainable eating habits, togetherness and more? Check out the list of recent campaigns we’ve collated for you below. We hope they will have you feeling inspired and keen to get campaigning.


We know that with the current national lockdown your daily lives may have changed slightly (or quite a bit!) but we wanted to reach out and let you know that we are here - together, wherever.

#SUTogetherWherever campaign page

Meat Free Mondays

Meat free Mondays was a campaign run by the Green Committee Food & Waste officer, where they worked with FXPlus on developing more sustainable food offerings in campus outlets. Meat free Monday was designed to make a vegetarian meal a weekly staple as the main meal of the day. The hope was that this would encourage the campus community to more deeply consider their food choices and recognise how small changes can have a big impact.

Period Poverty

As part of International Women’s Week, the 19/20 President of Welfare and Inclusivity, Allie Guy raised awareness of the issue of period poverty by providing free organic and biodegradable sanitary products to our female members as well as heavily discounted mooncups and free workshops in making reusable sanitary products.


Last year the SU provided a Sexhibition in the Stannary on Penryn Campus aimed at promoting healthy relationships and sex, encouraging healthy intimate body image and educating about how to partake in safe, consensual, sexual relations. The SEXhibition involved a variety of adult games, a DJ, free welfare products, information from Coppafeel, Wellbeing support services, First Light, Brook, many other external organisations, free chlamydia tests and even a surf simulator.

Disability Week

Nominated for an NSVA award, our 19/20 Inclusivity Officer Zoe Burden organised a range of activities to celebrate Disability Week and raise awareness about inclusivity and accessibility. The week included a film, a free British Sign Language Workshop and an inspiring talk by the actor Adam Pearson about body confidence.

NUS Campaigns

The Students’ Union, along with 600 other students’ unions, is also a member of the National Union of Students. As well as key education campaigns that lobby the government on behalf of all HE students, the NUS also prioritises liberation campaigns that support and promote equality for black, disabled, women and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans students.

Current education campaigns include:

  • Student Safety Net
  • Save Erasmus
  • Education on the Edge

Current liberation campaigns include:

  • 16 Days of Activism
  • Gender Recognition Act Consultation
  • Get Jabs for Boys
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