LGBTQ+ History Month

The aim of LGBTQ+ History Month is to promote equality, diversity, and inclusivity, by celebrating the lives and championing the work of key LGBTQ+ activists.
LGBTQ+ History Month at Falmouth & Exeter Students' Union

An introduction from the SU Pride Society

February in the United Kingdom sees us celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month. In 2022, we’re celebrating and reflecting on this occasion in a vastly different way than many previous years, with not only a pandemic driving us apart, but also increasing amounts of division and discrimination in society.

LGBTQ+ History Month is now in its 16th year, and it’s still as important as ever. Many like to take comfort in the notion that we’ve moved beyond days gone by where LGBTQ+ people were treated as a lower class, even as criminals, but sadly this isn’t true. Members of our community still face immense challenges all across the globe. Being who we are still carries the death penalty in a number of countries, while the number where homosexuality is, at the very least, a criminal offence still stands at over 70.

In the United Kingdom, it is true that we have come a long way, but history is closer than we think it to be. Only 18 years have passed since it became legal for schools to even teach about homosexuality in a positive context. Still, to this day, many LGBTQ+ people face challenges in things as simple as giving blood or accessing appropriate sexual education. The trans community suffers from an onslaught of high-profile attacks from the media, from celebrities, and from politicians, while NHS waiting lists for gender healthcare stretch into multiple years. Even in London, our capital, a proudly global city, a lesbian couple were physically attacked while travelling on public transport. Far from being isolated incidents, statistics show that the number of hate crimes against LGBTQ+ people has tripled in the past five years.

But there’s room for hope, and room for change. We are now more open than ever about LGBTQ+ issues, and we owe a large part of this to the trailblazers who came before us. The drag queens of New York fronted by Marsha P Johnson, who inspired the idea of LGBTQ+ pride as it exists today, the LGSM (Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners) activists like Mark Ashton, who worked to support British miners in the 1980s, the hidden talents like Alan Turing, who shaped the modern world while being forced to hide a huge part of themselves. The next names on this long list could be any one of us.

On behalf of Pride Society, I’d like to thank the SU for all of their support and for giving us the opportunity to talk about the importance of this month to our community. Across February, we are running a series of online film screenings in coordination with ResLife which all tie into LGBTQ+ issues, both in documentary and fictional contexts. We also look forward to many other events throughout the rest of this academic year, and we are always open to new members, whether you’re already comfortable and confident in your LGBTQ+ identity or if you’re just making your first steps into discovering a part of yourself.

Kai Greet,
SU Pride Society


It's important to highlight the challenges that the LGBTQ+ community have endured in their past, in order to help understand and support the modern community that continues to thrive today. Find out more about some truly fascinating figures below.

What's on

The Universities' and The Students' Union are hosting a selection of events throughout the month.

LGBTQ+ History Month events
Pride Screening: The Miseducation Of Cameron Post
5th February 7pm - 9pm
Welcome to the first night of online movie screenings celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month, co-created with ResLife. We'll be screening The Miseducation Of Cameron Post.
Online | Liberation | LGBTQ+
Pride Screening: Disclosure
6th February 7pm - 9pm
Welcome to the second night of screenings celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month, co-created with ResLife. We'll be screening Disclosure.
Online | Liberation | LGBTQ+
Pride Screening: Pride
13th February 7pm - 9pm
Welcome to the third night of screenings celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month, co-created with ResLife. We'll be screening Pride.
Online | Liberation | LGBTQ+
Pride Screening: The Death & Life of Marsha P. Johnson
19th February 7pm - 9pm
Welcome to the fourth night of screening series celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month, co-created with ResLife. We'll be screening The Death & Life of Marsha P. Johnson.
Online | Liberation | LGBTQ+
Falmouth & Exeter Students' Union PRISM Exeter Speaker Series
23rd February 7pm - 9:30pm
Join us in hearing from meteorologist Dr Melissa Brooks and research fellow Dr Alex Dudgeon who will discuss their own research and their personal experiences as LGBTQ+ researchers in their chosen fields.
Online | Liberation | LGBTQ+
Falmouth & Exeter Students' Union “Queering the Humanities” Seminar
24th February 4pm - 6pm
In this 2-hour seminar, IICE brings together University of Exeter researchers using queer methodologies and approaches to discuss their research approaches and investigate both the history and the future of Queer Studies.
Online | Liberation | Exeter students | LGBTQ+
History Society LGBTQ History: Homosexuality and Capitalism with Justin Bengry
26th February 7pm - 8pm
Join us for a talk on the history of homosexuality and capitalism with Justin Bengry for LGBTQ History month. Get your free tickets here so we can send you the zoom link:
Online | Liberation | Exeter students | Falmouth students | Together, Wherever | LGBTQ+
Pride Screening: Tangerine
26th February 7pm - 9pm
Welcome to the final night of our screening series celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month, co-created with ResLife. We'll be screening Tangerine.
Online | Liberation | LGBTQ+

Wellbeing resources

We want to celebrate, uplift and support the LGBTQ+ community. As part of LGBTQ+ history month, we'd like to highlight a selection of wellbeing resources and key LGBTQ+ charities and organisations.

Liberation Committee

The Liberation Committee is here to represent marginalised communities, representing your voice in the SU. Find out more about the Liberation Committee.

The Committee is headed up by the SU President Welfare & Inclusivity and the Liberation Chair. The International Officer and Widening Participation Officer are also part of the Committee, along with the following self-defined Officer roles:

  • Racial Equality Officer
  • Disabled Students Officer
  • LGBTQ+ Officer
  • Women’s Officer
  • Open Liberation Officer

For help with ideas, campaigns, concerns and queries regarding LGBTQ+ welfare and inclusion, you can also chat to our Student Voice Coordinator (Welfare and Liberation), Ellie Howell


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