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Term 2 Update from your Vice President, Phil Green

Please find below a Term 2 update from your Vice President 23/24, Phil Green .

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Hi everyone! It’s that time of term where I get to share my highlights with you. This term has been busy, but I’ve been squirrelling away working on the priorities that you voted me in on. 

We can start with the biggest; climate action. We started in January by passing a motion through Student Council, solidifying a Climate and Nature Emergency response in the Students’ Union. Connie and I worked hard with Beth and Tim from Responsible Futures for weeks to get the wording right (read about what Responsible Futures do here). There is a real focus on intersectionality, justice, and getting your voices heard. You can read it for yourself here: xxx. This should be the start of a climate and nature response that puts students right at the heart.

To get the wheels in motion for our climate motion (sorry), I wanted to start gathering feedback from students. I was approached by three really enthusiastic students who had been inspired by the Exeter Sustainability Board and wanted to set something similar up in Penryn. So we put our heads together- where to start? We ended up spending a lunchtime in the Lower Stannary asking students three questions:

How would you describe your feelings towards the climate crisis?

What changes would you like to see on campus?

How do you think students can help?

We got loads of responses, but to sum up, students are worried, angry, and want things to change. There was lots of concern around food waste and recycling, especially in student halls, and a desire to raise awareness of the issues at hand. 

The challenge with the climate crisis is that it affects everyone and everything- but that’s also an opportunity. It means everyone can get involved with responding to it. 

I want to hear from every single one of you- I’ve designed a survey to capture what you all think, feel, and want to see regarding the climate and nature crisis. You can also be in with a chance of winning big prizes, so check it out here! You can also see more sustainability updates and resources on that page. 

Within the SU, we have been working towards the Green Impact award. This encompasses all things sustainability and climate, with elements of wellbeing too. It helps us measure our impact and engagement with students- we know that this is a priority of our student body so we’ve gone the extra mile this year to embed these values into more of our work. 



In mid-April, your sabbatical officers and some elected students will be heading to Blackpool to represent your SU at the National Union of Students (NUS) Liberation Conference and National Conference. At the start of the year, we had the opportunity to submit a motion to be considered for discussion at each conference. One of these was a climate motion developed by some of our Green Officers- it encompassed climate justice, plant-based catering, and demilitarisation. Sadly it didn’t get voted into the next round, but it was great to collaborate with students and sabbs from around the country on the motion. 

The other motion concerned transgender rights and liberation. This is an issue that has skyrocketed into the public consciousness over the past few years- but not for the right reasons. The harm that has been caused by the media, the government, and a few cruel, loud voices is shameful. We collaborated with Nehaal, NUS VP Liberation, to write the motion, and I’m glad to say it will be discussed at Liberation Conference! In my research, I discovered that our SU proposed a trans rights motion to an NUS conference back in 2016 NUS Conference Passes FXU Motion (, which passed! It’s great to know we have a history of standing up for trans people, but it is heartbreaking to see that we have not progressed much as a country since then.

We’ll be at the conferences the week of 15th April, and I’ll report back to you all afterwards. Drop me an email if you’ve got any questions (, and remember you can run to be an NUS rep next year to propose motions and go to the conferences! Keep an eye out. 



For the past 5 years, the SU has been asking students how they feel about our democratic processes. For the longest time, we had a representative model, where students would be voted in as Part-time Officers; proposing motions, sitting in council meetings, and forming an executive committee to take on actions. However, it was found that this involved quite a few barriers to access and often didn’t get the results that we needed to see. To create a more inclusive process where any student can get involved, we have begun an assembly-style model, where everyone’s voice is heard and equally valued. The next one is 1st May, so make sure you submit your Make-A-Change proposals before then and come along to the assembly to have your say! Find out more info here.



In collaboration with Biodiversity Officer Abhishek and John from the Chaplaincy, I ran an open event at Belmont Garden on Woodlane Campus. This small but productive allotment is a great space to get your hands in the mud, or just sit and relax. Even if you’ve never grown vegetables before, come along on Thursday between 10am and 2pm to get growing! It’s a total suntrap so head down for some peace and quiet during deadlines to chill out. It’s scientifically proven that spending time in nature relaxes us, so listen to the science and get outside!



Ecological Citizenship hosted a range of sessions this term; from meeting world-renowned artists Ackroyd and Harvey, a writing/poetry workshop, and making ‘rock’ music with actual rocks. We also took part in a six-week ‘People Powered Universities’ workshop, learning how and why to run people’s assemblies in universities, and meeting people from universities around the UK doing the same thing. Democratising universities from the ground up is an exciting experiment but totally necessary when students and staff alike are struggling with the whole system, which is only accentuated with the added pressure of the climate, ecological, and humanitarian crises happening all around us, and within us. We will be holding a people’s assembly on 24th April, 4-6pm in the Launchpad. In the meantime, regular sessions will continue at that same time and place! All welcome! Check out @ecologicalcitizenship on Instagram to see what’s happening week by week. 


We’ve been serving soup every Friday since the start of the year, and now we’ve fed over 200 students for free using organic, local veg supplied by Penryn Produce! As the seasons change, the veg does too, so we’re leaving beetroot soup in winter and I’m ready to explore more flavours. Get your free soup on Friday, 1-3pm (check @supresidents on Instagram to see if anything has changed). Vegan and Gluten free, free for any student with no questions asked. I’m glad to say that Connie will be continuing this next academic year too. FREE SOUP FOREVER!


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