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Presidents Update: Ben Statham-Wilkins

Hi all, we have all made it through Study block 2!

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Photo of Falmouth President Ben Statham-Wilkins

The amount of work and talent I have seen this term alone has been immense and makes me proud to be a part of the University. In this study block I have been working on an array of different topics and will be giving you updates on some of the work.

The ‘Show Off’ mural for Penryn campus has officially been completed by Abby Mundell. For those who aren’t sure what Show off is, it is where students have the opportunity to showcase their skills on real projects, opening up opportunities and enhancing portfolios.  We have done this with the President photos, the Penryn Mural and I happy to announce that the mural for Falmouth campus will start to take shape soon.

One of my next big projects is to have BSL teaching for students and staff. When I ran for President (long back when in 2021) a big vocal point was the demand and excitement to have BSL taught to students. I am happy to say this is being worked on and we are looking for interest from you! If you are interested in a free 6-week course which will be online meaning you can do it anywhere, then please show your interest here.

In my last mini update, I gave an update on the Fashion show. I am happy to say that the casting has gone well - Please make sure it goes well! - And I am excited to go and see the brilliant talents there on the catwalk!

In early February I discussed the work I have done on ending Deadnames at Falmouth University. Since then, I have had talks with the University to ensure that deadnames won’t be used at graduation. Please do check on the systems and contact the University if you have concerns surrounding a deadname being used at Graduation.

With success of the first CoLab Live event back in November. We held another successful CoLab in February.  We saw great ideas pitched and people come together for future projects. We now have 889 members on the site and as of writing we have 100+ projects on the system. Don’t worry we aren’t done with CoLab yet this year! We have something exciting coming up and all I can say is that it will be fiery!

On March 2nd I held the first Student Jumble Sale, we had twelve stalls and they all varied in sales, such as handmade jewellery, prints and beanies. We also saw plant sellers and retro clothing to name a few. Students that were selling at the event made over £500. I’m happy to announce that on the 30th of March we will be holding the second Student Jumble sale in the Upper stannary. If you want a stall, sign up here

Also, to the brilliant Falmouth Reps, on the 6th April we will be holding the next Big Rep Meeting! In this we will see our new Vice Chancellor; Professor Emma Hunt, attend to listen to your feedback. We will also see Professor Eunice Ma (Falmouth Provost), Dr Russell Crawford (Director of teaching and learning) and Alastair Osborn (Head of Quality Assurance and enhancement) attend. Check your emails for more information!


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