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SU Money Week Update - President Falmouth

As part of SU Money Week, your SU Presidents would like to share with you some updates about the Cost of Living crisis. Here is an update from Luke, President Falmouth 22/23.

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Financial Transparency 

Falmouth University have created an updated document with a breakdown of their finances and how they spend your student fees. This is an online document, and we will be sharing it at a later date, so keep an eye out! 

Hardship Fund 

Falmouth University recently received a Grant of £57,300 from the Office for Students, won by the collective campaigning of the entire student moment.  

Every successful applicant to the hardship fund will now recipe a standard Cost of Living Payment, on-top of their allocated support payment.  

The % of money received for successful hardship applicant has now increased. 

Please contact the SU for support in applying for the Hardship Fund if you feel you need financial support. 


Module delivery evaluations have been carried out with a focus on Cost of Learning, allowing course teams to review their practises with what learning costs Falmouth University can absorb. 

Parity in assessment, ensuring that students who are not able to spend on their projects are not disadvantaged. 

Module briefings are being updated to ensure that high spending on materials is not necessary to succeed in assessment, and that this is clearly communicated to students. 


Falmouth university have created the “Money Hub”. An amazing recourse will all relevant resources and information ensuring students know exactly what they’re entitled to, and what services and events you are able to utilise. Get your money’s worth! 

Welcome letters for incoming students are being updated ensuring financial transparency of expected necessary cost per course, allowing for students to effectively budget. 


Adjustments made to the final year showcase, helping promote students in being able to sell work. 

Working towards regularity on timetables, allowing for students to be able to effectively plan with their part time employers when they can take on shift work.  

All on campus jobs offered by FXPlus are advertised on the Falmouth Handshake platform. 

The Turing scheme has recently launched through Real Works, specifically designed to support students from low-income backgrounds in getting opportunities to work abroad. 

The Micro internship scheme is being further promoted, allowing for students to get paid industry experience. 


If you have any feedback you want to discuss with us, we are more than happy to hear it. Get in touch via our email ( or come into the office and say hello.

You can read our other cost-of-living related articles here on our Cost of Living Crisis Hub.


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