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Presidents Update: Ben Statham-Wilkins

What a year! I hope everyone is having a good old time and the rainy few days of June haven’t been a dampener! As my time comes to an end and I notice my desk edging ever so closer to the door, I thought I would provide an update of some of the things I have been up to this past year!

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A photograph of President Falmouth, Ben Statham-Wilkins

I successfully kickstarted and initiated my main manifesto; Show Off. This is where students have the opportunity to showcase their skills on real projects, opening up opportunities and enhancing portfolios. This was first done with the annual President photo shoot which we opened for student applications and then done with the SU murals on Falmouth and Penryn campus. Abby Mundell, Francesca Boni & Iona Sabu were brilliant in their designs and in their finished murals! I am excited to see how Show Off evolves once I leave.

As well as this, the SU and I started the student jumble sale! This saw many incredibly gifted students be able to sell their products such as, handmade jewellery, prints and clothing! In the last two we held we saw over £800 in sales! 

In the year I worked closely with Pride Society to eradicate the use of deadnames by University systems and staff. I have written a previous update on this so if you want to find out more check it out here!

Another one I have previously updated on is the Fashion show. Working alongside the FTI Reps and students, we successfully saw and witness the brilliant Fashion show - Find out more!

I have successfully finalised my last Manifesto point of bringing free British Sign Language (BSL) courses to students. BSL is incredibly important and personally believe it should be taught at younger ages, so I am happy to have been able to provide the opportunity for those who wanted to learn. With this is I am incredibly proud and happy to announce that this will not stop once I am gone and will be made available to all students interested - All you need to do is sign the interest form!

This is just some of the things I have been up to this year  (I won’t annoy you with everything!) It is also important to note that in most of the things I have done like the points above, I have worked with others to do them, so I think it is important to acknowledge and thank everyone so far for working alongside me, these being the President team, the SU, Falmouth University, REPs, FXPlus and most importantly, YOU! Without you leaving feedback and telling me things, I couldn’t have done my job, so for that, thank you and goodbye! 


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