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Presidents Update: Ellie Ricks

I hope everyone is well and is enjoying a bit of downtime before exam and assessment time. While you guys are hopefully getting some much-needed R&R, the Presidents and I are working hard to make sure you're getting the best experience possible

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Over the last few months, I have started off my manifesto event ‘Presidents Present’. This involved getting as much events feedback from you guys as possible and feeding that information into a brand-new selection of events hosted by the SU. Thanks so much to everyone that took part in the polls, your input was invaluable and is being put towards a spectrum of brand-new events as you read this! Don’t forget to keep an eye out on our ‘What’s On’ page for more info!

Additionally, Charlotte (President Welfare and Inclusivity) and I are excited to welcome in the Green and Liberation Committees! All roles have now been filled! Thank you so much to every amazing individual who ran for the roles, I can’t wait to get to know you over a coffee and cake soon!

Also, I’ve been getting to know our fabulous Part-Time Officers and aiding them on their way to achieving all manner of awesome goals and projects as part of the student council. They’re an amazing bunch and I can’t wait to see the heights they’ll reach within their roles. 

Alongside the fabulous sustainability team, we’ve been working on broadening the biodiversity on the campuses and accommodation (another of my manifesto points)! One way we’re hoping to achieve this is by going for our Silver Hedgehog Friendly Campus certification! We want to make this campus a safe location for these rapidly declining creatures with your help - so look out for one of our litter picks soon and get involved.

As I imagine you’ve read in Ben’s (Falmouth President) update, we’ve been working down in AMATA to ensure a larger variety of food options in the café as well as two microwaves and longer opening hours. Now you can keep thoroughly fueled during those long days in the studio!

The President Team as a whole have been working together for Black History Month and Personal Safety efforts, making sure that all events for Black History month were uplifted and shared as well as putting on events of our own with aid from the amazing George the Poet. In our efforts towards personal safety, we have been giving out safety kits on both campuses and are looking to continue to work with student groups on this.

This is a relatively small summary of what I’m up to right now, if I tried to explain it all I think this page would scroll forever! However, I hope this provides some insight as to what I do as your Student Experience President and hopefully gives you an idea of how you can get involved. The presidents would be nothing without the students we represent, and I just love getting to meet you all. If you ever have an issue, idea or just want a chat - I’d love to hear from you. Look out for me around campus or at my desk (it’s the one with the free hugs sign) and let’s make this year the best it can be!


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