Activities nominations

Welcome to the FXU Activities Awards 2019


Winners Announced!!

Thank you to everyone for a fantastic evening. Our award winners


The Most Outstanding Sports Club Committee Member:

Joshua Reid-Schofield (Climbing)


The Most Improved Sports Club of the Year:

CSM Ladies Hockey


The FXU Sports Club of the Year::

CSM Netball


The Outstanding Sporting Contribution:

Elliot Bullman


The Most Outstanding Society Committee Member:

Grace Hunt (Marinewatch)


The Most Outstanding Society Event of the Year:

Wild Film Fest


The Most Improved Society of the Year:

Songwriter’s Society


The Society of the Year:

Marine Watch


The Most Outstanding SLVP Committee Member:

Ellen Monaghan


The Volunteer Project of the Year:



The Community Volunteer of the Year:

Sophie Gray


Fundraising Activity of the Year:



Most Significant Contribution to Fundraising:

Joshua Dickinson


Adopt a Charity Award:

Marine Watch


Newcomer of the Year:

Ghanaian Book Connection


Member of the Year:

Lily De Malpas


Sustainable Activity of the Year:

Penryn Produce


Collaboration of the Year:

FXU Showcase


Activities Unsung Hero:

Elizabeth Streeter


Overall Contribution to FXU Activities:

Phoebe Coppell


Congratulations to all nominees and members for all of their fantastic efforts this year, it's been a cracker. Here's to bigger and better Activities next year!



The FXU Awards are all about recognising the activities and achievements of ex- ceptional students from the University of Exeter Cornwall Campuses and Falmouth University.

The Activities Awards celebrates all of the wonderful achievements of our students in sports clubs, societies and volunteer projects.

The awards are our chance to show our appreciation of the pro-active and hardworking students who do so much outside of, or in addition to, their studies. These are the people who go the extra mile to shape the future for themselves, FXU and the Universities.


Do your group’s committee members create exciting opportunities for you? Do you know a sports person who has achieved success? Have you been inspired by someone who you feel goes the extra mile? Do you have a friend who has created inspirational volunteering projects in the community? We’re giving you the opportunity to nominate them for an award!

The awards list will show you the complete range of awards available.

The criteria for each award is extremely important – this is what the nominations will be judged and scored against. The nominations will be judged by external panels who do not know each group and student individually, so will be scoring the nominations on the information you provide - make sure it is thorough and really explains your reasons for nominating. Your nomination must demonstrate how your nominee meets the criteria and the easiest way is to provide examples of how each criteria requirement is met on the nomination form.

The nomination form should be completed online by 5pm Friday 15 March.

You can nominate more than one person or group for each award.

If you know an excellent person or group that deserves an award, please take the time to submit a nomination.

  • Society Awards (Outstanding Committee Member, Society Event of the Year, Most Improved Society, Society of the Year)
  • Fundraising Awards (Fundraising Activity of the Year, Most Significant Contribution to Fundraising, Adopt a Charity Award)
  • Volunteering Awards (Most Outstanding SLVP Committee Member, SLVP of the Year, Community Volunteer of the Year)
  • Sports Awards (Most Outstanding Sports Club Committee Member, Most Improved Sports Club, Sports Club of the Year, Outstanding Sporting Contribution)
  • Activities Awards (Newcomer of the Year, Member of the Year, Sustainable Activity of the Year, Collaboration of the Year, FXU Activities Unsung Hero Award, Overall Contribution to FXU Activities)


Nominations for the FXU Activities Awards 2019 are open until 5pm on Friday 8 March.

The shortlisted nominees will be invited to the FXU Activities Awards on Wednesday 1 May.

The winners, chosen by an external panel of judges, will be announced and presented with their awards during the ceremony.

Shortlisted nominees

Click here to download the full list of shortlisted nominees.


Get your tickets for the Activities Awards from 9am Monday 8 April here. Subject to availability.