Vice President

This position represents all Falmouth University and University of Exeter (Cornwall Campuses) students.
Orestis Collins-Alamanos, Vice President


I am Orestis, a passionate individual hailing from Athens, Greece. With a background in Fashion Marketing, I combine my love for visual communication and storytelling to create impactful work that addresses societal and cultural issues. I find that I can express my inner thoughts, morals, and culture best through the art of writing.

Cooking is one of my many passions, where I find joy in experimenting with flavours and creating delicious culinary experiences. I also enjoy sharing a glass of wine with friends, as it brings people together in moments of warmth and community.

Driven by my desire to make a difference, I am not afraid to push boundaries and think outside the box. Through creative endeavours, I strive to raise awareness on matters that deeply affect and interest me. By employing innovative approaches, I seek to ignite meaningful conversations and provoke positive change.

- Orestis Collins-Alamanos (He/Him)

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Roles & responsibilities

  • Represent student views to the Students’ Union, Falmouth University, the University of Exeter (Cornwall Campus), FX Plus, local and national bodies.
  • To consult with the student members, both formally and informally, and represent their interests appropriately.
  • To be a Sabbatical Trustee of the Students’ Union ensuring the organisation is fulfilling its charitable purpose.
  • Lead, campaign and develop priority campaigns on which effect all student members.
  • To support the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion projects, ensuring all student voices are heard within the Students’ Union and universities.
  • Work closely with the other Sabbatical Officers on joint priority campaigns to improve the student experience.
  • Work closely with President Falmouth and President Exeter, jointly working on projects and be the recognised delegate for both Presidents.

Manifesto priorities 2023/24

I am honored to present my manifesto as your Vice President for 2023/24. My core focus is on Inclusivity, Welfare, and International & Queer Students. With a deep commitment to creating an environment that fosters equal opportunities, holistic well-being, global engagement, and the advancement of queer rights, I aim to bring positive change and empower every student within our diverse community.


I firmly believe that inclusivity lies at the heart of a thriving student body. As your Vice President, I will champion the rights of every individual, regardless of their background, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or any other protected characteristic that defines them. I will work tirelessly to ensure that all students feel valued, respected, and supported, fostering a campus culture that celebrates our differences and promotes inclusivity as a shared responsibility.


Your well-being is of utmost importance to me. I will actively collaborate with the universities to enhance support services, including mental health resources, academic assistance, and pastoral care. I will advocate for a comprehensive welfare network, establishing regular communication channels to address your concerns, amplify your voices, and implement student-centric initiatives. Together, we will create an environment that prioritizes self-care, resilience, and personal growth, promoting a sense of belonging throughout your academic journey.

International Engagement:

Recognizing the vibrant tapestry of cultures within our student community, I am dedicated to fostering international understanding and collaboration. I will strive to expand study abroad programmes and celebrate diverse cultural traditions through inclusive events.

Queer Rights:

As a Queer Vice President, I will tirelessly advocate for the rights and well-being of LGBTQ+ students. I will work closely with LGBTQ+ societies and organizations to create a safe and affirming space for self-expression, free from discrimination. I will lobby for inclusive policies, support gender-neutral facilities, and ensure that LGBTQ+ issues are integrated into the curriculum. By organising educational campaigns, Pride events, and awareness initiatives, we will foster a campus environment that embraces diversity and celebrates queer identity.

Transparency and Accountability:

Open communication and transparency are vital to effective leadership. I will establish regular office hours, and online platforms to facilitate open dialogues with students. I will actively seek your feedback and ensure that your concerns are heard and acted upon. I pledge to be an accessible and accountable representative, keeping you informed about key decisions, policy changes, and progress made in achieving our shared goals.


I cannot accomplish these goals alone. I invite each and every one of you to join me on this journey towards building a more inclusive and supportive educational community. Together, let us foster an environment where collaboration, understanding, and respect flourish. You will receive ‘The Question of the Week’ every Thursday where you can share your thoughts and worries about the organisations and your student experience. More information coming soon…

Together, we can shape a students' union that upholds the values of inclusivity, welfare, international engagement, and queer rights. I am excited to embark on this transformative journey with you, amplifying your voices and making a lasting impact. Let us unite in our pursuit of a more equitable, compassionate, and empowering university experience for all.

Thank you for your support.


Orestis Collins-Alamanos (he/him)

Shared Priorities

  • Climate Action

Supporting students to cultivate power within their communities, helping them to take proactive steps towards realising the changes they want to see.

  • Communication and Engagement

Ensuring students are well-informed about what the SU is doing, as well as university services to prevent missed opportunities.

  • Building community

Helping students to feel a sense of belonging and attachment to their Cornwall and/or University community.

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