President Student Experience

This position represents all Falmouth University and University of Exeter (Cornwall Campuses) students, with a focus on student experience and opportunities.
Ellie Ricks, SU President Student Experience


Hi, I’m Ellie and I’m the SU President Student Experience! This means that I represent students from both Falmouth and Exeter University on everything that isn’t academic, like sustainability, facilities, events, sports, societies, volunteering, and fundraising. Before being elected I tried to get involved with the SU as much as I could, whether that be through becoming an officer in the Student Council, a course rep for Creative Events Management, or as a Student Trustee. I’ve made so many great friends throughout it all and I’m so happy I get to be in Falmouth for another year!

I couldn’t be more excited to step into the role of Student Experience President and start implementing my manifesto. With the COVID-19 pandemic finally winding down I am hoping to return the fun and excitement back to the university experience! Want to help out? Why not get involved? Send across any ideas, feedback or questions you may have and let’s make this year the best yet!

- Ellie Ricks (She/Her)



News & updates

Roles & responsibilities

  • Student opportunities - including sports clubs, societies, volunteering and fundraising
  • Sustainability - including carbon use, water and energy, biodiversity and estates, green travel, catering and procurement, and waste and recycling
  • Events - from Freshers to Graduation
  • Commercial facilities - including the bars, shops, outlets, sports centre and more
  • Estates - including the construction of new buildings, social and study spaces, the library and resources
  • IT and digital - covering IT spaces, online learning platforms and timetabling

Manifesto priorities


  • Set up a working group with senior University staff and Students of colour to make a real change including de-colonising the curriculum.
  • Getting the SU to promote hosting clubs for Wood Lane students alongside Penryn based clubs.
  • More accessible fundraising opportunities for lower income students, based on said students suggestion.
  • Furthering the current Co-Lab project to allow all students to work together on likeminded projects.


  • Improving Student Used spaces such as the Woodlane library.
  • Improvements and expansion to the Falmouth app ensuring it’s a key priority for the Falmouth digital team.
  • Improvement of the room booking system, including the MUGA to allow student priority.
  • Implementation of a library petition system to allow for more books available to be requested by students in the Exeter and Falmouth library.
  • Student feedback action tracker on issues
  • Highlight the Mentor and Pass leader support services so students know where they can get help from’.


  • Introduction of more biodiversity into and around accommodation areas including flower focussed quiet/ anxiety spaces.
  • Compost facilities installed in all on campus accommodation, including a specialised vegware composter.
  • Implementation of a Paper Free system in the SU
  • Improvement of recycling system
  • Reduction in Plastic Use in Stannary

Sports and Societies

  • Getting sports, clubs and societies running as soon as possible post pandemic with maximum support from both Universities and the SU.
  • Improve inclusivity in sports and societies by providing non-competitive sessions.
  • Increasing student body involvement in university sports.
  • Offering taster/trial sporting opportunities at freshers and refreshers and again in January


  • More student input for projects and events, publicised similarly to workshop festival.
  • Diversifying of event line up
  • Improvement of Freshers Week, including making more accessible events as well as more enjoyable.
  • Increase Reslife influence on accommodation.
  • Post Covid university festival 
  • Social Distanced Activities Available during duration Pandemic

Progress updates:

  • 09/09/2021

    Despite Covid, longer term plans continue to be made and the Cornwall Sports Strategy is progressing behind the scenes, and I'm so excited to share more details of this with clubs later in the year.

As well as my three key priorities, I’ve also been working on union development, specifically working with the Student Voice Team to shape the Student Council for this academic year in advance of elections. Nominations will open on October 1 and you can find out more about them here.

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