NUS Referendum

The SU is offering our members the opportunity to make a decision about our continued affiliation with NUS UK.
Should The SU disaffiliate from NUS UK? Vote in the referendum from 15 May to 22 May 2023.

Why are we having a referendum on NUS affiliation?

The SU's Student Council has voted to hold a referendum on the matter of disaffiliation from NUS UK. The SU is offering our members the opportunity to make a decision about our continued affiliation with NUS UK. This comes following the publishing of the Independent Report into Antisemitism where NUS has been found to be Antisemitic in it’s culture.

NUS UK have an action plan in place to improve the organisation's culture, see the NUS UK antisemitism action plan on their website.


The SU held a referendum on whether The SU should disaffiliate from NUS UK from 15 May to 19 May 2023. Thank you to everyone who campaigned, got in touch with questions, and voted.

The vote count did not meet the required threshold of 350 voters to make the outcome binding and therefore the motion did not carry. As a result, The SU will remain affiliated with NUS UK.

Here is an overview of the results:

Number of voters: 76

Option Voters %
Yes (Leave) 38 50%
No (Remain) 38


You can read the full NUS Referendum demographics report if you're interested in more information.

What is NUS UK?

NUS UK or the National Union of Students is the political body that represents the views and interests of students through national campaigns and lobbying. It is a democratic organisation with sabbatical officers and committees. All Students Unions affiliated with NUS UK pay a yearly membership fee.

Read more about NUS UK membership.

What is a referendum?

A referendum is a vote open to all student members. In this referendum, students will be asked to respond ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following question:

QUESTION: Should the SU disaffiliate from NUS UK? Yes (Leave) No (Remain)

The outcome will be decided by simple majority. If the majority of students vote Yes, The SU will notify NUS that we will not be renewing our affiliation with NUS UK. For the decision to be valid at least 350 of our members have to vote. If less than 350 members vote, the SU will remain affiliated to NUS UK.

Why should I bother voting?

We are a democratic organisation which means we are run in accordance with the views and interests of our student members. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard and have a say in how your SU is run going forward.

How do I get involved?

Any student at Falmouth University or University of Exeter Cornwall Campuses can get involved with campaigning. Contact the campaign leaders if you would like to join a campaign team or here about their campaign. If you would like to lead a campaign, please get in contact with the SU Student Voice Team at

All campaigners involved with the referendum will need to follow the Rules and Regulations.

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