Big Rep Meetings

The Big Rep Meeting is a bi-annual chance for elected reps to get together and look at wider themes around student and academic experience and engage in solution-focused discussions with the SU and senior staff from FXPlus and the Universities.
Students attending The SU's Big Rep Meeting

Topics discussed at the last Big Rep Meeting

The most recent 'Big Rep Meeting' covered many themes, particularly non-academic issues.

This included, but was not limited to, questions such as:

  • Timetabling - How is it working for your cohort this term? Does the app work? Is information updated quickly? Do you know when something has changed? Are rooms appropriate?
  • Events on Campus - From big to small, are events on campus working for students? Does the upper stannary refit work for your cohort? What other spaces could be used and for what kind of events?
  • Respect - both on and off campus - How do we ensure a respectful and inclusive experience? Where does freedom of speech fit in within an academic context? What is the best way to have a good relationship with your neighbours?
  • Feedback Loops - Are you hearing back from staff about what they’re doing with the feedback you’re collecting? What about the Students’ Union, do you know what your Presidents are up to? How would you like to hear from them?
  • Student Welfare - There is a welfare service review underway and this is a chance to contribute to it – does your cohort know about all the services available, are they working effectively, what other ways could low-level wellbeing issues be tackled?
  • Sport opportunities and facilities - A University sports strategy is being developed for Cornwall for the first time! What opportunities/facilities would students like to see developed in Cornwall? How do we create an inclusive and supportive community around that, which enhances all students’ experiences?

Feedback and outcomes from The Big Rep Meeting

Your Students’ Union has been busy ensuring your voice is heard!

Recently, we have trained and supported Students’ Union reps, introduced a new Rep Online Rep System (ROS) and invited senior staff to listen directly to feedback. 

If you want some Big Rep Meeting progress insights, you can easily view reports and outcomes from The Big Rep Meetings. Your SU Presidents' Summary Reports from The Big Rep Meeting 8 March  2019 are now live

If you would like to find out more about The Big Rep Meeting or other feedback opportunities, have a chat with your Course Rep or email

If you are a Rep and would like to find out more info, have a browse of the Falmouth Rep Facebook Page or Exeter Rep Facebook Page or check your emails for details.

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