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QUEENS By Toby Vince

Production 'Queens', supported by the SU Campaign and Events Fund is now on show at AMATA!


QUEENS By Toby Vince 

Friday 25th June & Saturday 26th June 

Life being a bit of a drag? Join us Queens at Club Goddess for the New Year’s Eve party of a millennium! Fall head over heels into the fabulous world of Queens, and party like it’s 1999! 

Queens is an original piece of filmed theatre that takes a comedic glimpse into the lives of four drag performers working at a gay club in London, whilst exploring what it means to be part of the wider drag community. This, along with an extra helping of sheer joy, will leave you wanting it to be New Year’s Eve all year round! 

Queens features strobe effects, loud music, explicit language and discusses topics which audiences may find sensitive. Queens has been supported by the Campaign and Events Fund provided by the Falmouth and Exeter Student’s Union.  

Age Guidance: 16+ 

Tickets: £5 


Instagram: @queens_by_night

Twitter: @queens_by_night 


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Queens in review!

Mon 26 Jul 2021

QUEENS By Toby Vince

Mon 07 Jun 2021

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