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Queens in review!

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On the 21st May 2020, I finished penning a script about four drag performers working on New Year’s Eve, 1999. I wouldn’t have believed that in just over a year that piece of writing would become a fully realised show for the general public.

Just to give some context, Queens is a new theatre show that was performed as a piece of filmed theatre with the support of the SU’s Campaign and Events Fund. The show played for two nights at the end of June and was fully constructed and ready to bring the joy of theatre back to audiences. Queens thus became one of the first new theatre shows to open for public viewing. But how did we do it?

An unhealthy amount of listening to Cher and Whitney Houston, for a start. But more so than that, it’s all the different students involved in the project that made Queens the feat of creativity it became. The input from actors, technicians, photographers, camera operators, editors, event managers (the list goes on!) were all essential. The core of Queens is that it’s about multiple people from different walks of life sharing a common interest and passion to come together and create magic for an audience. Ironically, that was also the core of creative process, and the resolve of Falmouth students in a time when theatre needed that extra boost.

The Campaign and Events Fund the SU offer was instrumental in taking the show to the next level. A drag show is nothing less than extravagant! The funding provided helped pay for costuming, make-up, set design and construction as well as music licensing. Without this vital funding, the show’s larger than life look would not have been able to be fully realised. Thinking about applying for the Campaign and Events Fund? Do it! The opportunity it provides can be a cornerstone for any project.

If there’s anybody reading this who’s thinking of starting up their own event, be it a theatre show, or an art exhibition, maybe even a film festival, the best advice I can give is to come prepared! Make sure you have a detailed budget outlined, a clear concept of what your idea is, and spread the word early so you have some friends involved ahead of your application. Sometimes, it really does take a village, people!

Making Queens has been one of the greatest gifts I could have, so I’m super excited to say we plan to come back to AMATA to perform (in front of a live audience!) In Autumn 2021. I’d love for you to come along and see the show and experience Queens as a live event and open the doors to Club Goddess once again.

Until then, I can’t wait to see you in Autumn!


- Toby Vince Director and Writer of Queens


QUEENS By Toby Vince

Mon 07 Jun 2021

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