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We’ve refreshed our Campaigns and Events Fund - providing you with a great opportunity to bid for funding which you could use to promote a broad range of campaigns or get students involved in meaningful events and activities
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The Campaigns and Events Fund is currently closed to all applications and will reopen in the summer.

What is it for?

This funding will help you organise something worthwhile for your fellow students, course mates, hallmates or student group members that helps raise wider awareness of campaigns, or to put on a top-quality event that brings people together. In total, we have £6000 to give out to wonderful applications for our members.

How does it work?

For you to apply for funding to support your desired activity, you need to complete the survey at the bottom of this page, which will ask you a variety of questions so we can fully understand your proposal. This is designed to help us to understand the finer details of what you are looking to achieve, how you are planning to host your event and what support you require from us. 

Applications are open year-round, but the panel will meet monthly to review submitted applications. Our panel is made up of; one Sabbatical Officer, one Part-time Officer, a Student Voice Project Lead and a lay member of staff (if needed). This panel will review the application to see if it fits the below criteria and to understand how we can best support the outlined activity. Once the panel meets, the applicant will get an email letting them know the next steps and outcome! 

Good luck with your submission!

If you wish do discuss your plans before submitting an application, drop us an email to

What are the criteria?

  • The event or campaign opportunity must provide students with a new opportunity to get involved in student-facing activity or experiences
  • The maximum amount per application is £500, due to budget scope
  • Only eligible students can apply for this fund, and any group applications should consider the wider ‘awards’ when making decisions
  • The spend must occur in the relevant academic year (2021/22)
  • Funding cannot conflict with any current SU policy or for activities that would be ultra vires (beyond the powers of) the Students’ Union
  • Applications for recurrent activity or opportunity will not be funded to ensure project sustainability
  • All applications must have a detailed budget and information regarding the project
  • Awareness of wider stakeholder involvement in the project or activity going ahead is necessary

Campaign & Events Fund Application

Applications are currently closed and will reopen in summer 2022.

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