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A final update from Kira, President Welfare and Inclusivity 22/23

Well well well, we made it! Congratulations to those of you who have completed final hand ins and a massive well done to those of you who have completed an entire degree; you should be so so SO proud of yourself.

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Photo of Kira Orchard, President Welfare and Inclusivity 22/23 Photo of Kira Orchard, President Welfare and Inclusivity 22/23

Even as I head into the final weeks of my job, I am still super excited to be sharing exciting things that will be ready in the new year – and will be more widely advertised then as well! Here is my last ever president update, as well as the last update from a ‘President Welfare and Inclusivity’.

I’ve been working with Falmouth on their approach to trans student inclusion. I think there is still a way to go, but I am very happy to say that for next academic year students will have the choice to add their pronouns on Microsoft Teams. Falmouth University will also put out some comms guidance to students on how to create a signature within your emails so that you can share important things, such as how to pronounce your name, or your pronouns etc. These are all optional things and there is no pressure to put your pronouns in these places, however the fact that Falmouth University is taking on board this feedback is a really positive step in the right direction.

Another exciting update is that after lobbying non-stop around the price of food on campus, I am happy to share that for the next academic year – depending on food inflation rates – the Stannary and Fox Café should be offering a plant-based meal for £2. This will be more widely shared and advertised in the new year once there is a definite plan in place, but thank you to every single student who gave us feedback on this topic. We heard you, and we lobbied our hardest; we couldn’t have achieved this without you.

The Pantry is here to stay! After sharing all of the feedback we got on the SU Pantry initiative, Exeter have agreed to fund the project from their ‘Success for All’ funding. I’ve planted the seeds for a Falmouth Pantry, so perhaps this is something that may bloom in the years to come.

A massive thank you to those who have given feedback about We Bleed. It has been so wonderful having students come up to me and talk to me about how We Bleed has had a positive impact on them. I feel overwhelmed that I was able to complete such a huge priority of mine so quickly, and for students to want to keep talking about the campaign. If you have any ideas on how to progress the project even further, get in touch with the SU – I would love for this campaign to keep developing!

Overall, I want to say an enormous thank you to every single person who voted for me last year and believed I could fulfil my manifesto. I’m so proud to say that I managed to achieve it all, and more; I hope you feel I have served you, the students, well.

Good luck to the amazing Presidents and Vice Presidents taking over from us next year. You will smash it.

All the best,
Kira - President Welfare and Inclusivity 2022-2023


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