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Reflections on Black History Month 2022

We are reflecting on the bold and celebratory Black History Month at the Students Union.

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Graphic for Black History Month 2022. Graphic for Black History Month 2022.

We aimed to organise events to encourage discussion and celebration of black history and black excellence. These events led by Black students and Black creatives from the local community, providing a huge variety of talents and knowledge.

We had provisions to have a rolling showcase across the digital screens all over campus for October to promote student work. Beautiful works from students such as Maya Brasington and Chanelle Llyod were displayed. The SU also collaborated with 2nd year illustration student Celia Dipple on five portraits illustrating impactful black figures.

Film screenings of “Queen & Slim” and “The Colour Purple” held at SoFT cinema throughout the month. Open Studios: Reconnecting on Race discussion groups with friendly academics Beth Sennett (Falmouth University) and Nicki Northen (Winchester University), an online space for students to discuss race, racism, and anti-racism. A massive thank you to all who attended and hosted these events.

The SU collaborated with Beyond Face to hold an insightful theatre workshop at AMATA. The workshop started with an introduction of founder Alix Harris, followed by an impactful trailer for the company and thought-provoking activities afterwards.

We got in touch with the incredibly talented ceramic artist Catherine Lucktaylor. Students had the opportunity to create beautiful pinched and coiled candle holders and decorate it with ancient African Adinkra symbols.

Aiming to bring together students to celebrate Black history, the headline event of the SU Black History Month celebrations was a live concert featuring Ghetto Orange, Bayode and Charlotte at The Cornish Bank.  You can read more about how the event came to be in this article from Georgi, SU President Exeter. This event was a huge success, and we can't wait to platform more students like this in the future!

We understand that Black History Month is not only for celebration, but also an important opportunity to discuss and learn about a variety of Black experiences, and how Black history influences the world we live in today. It is a blend of cultural celebrations and racial awareness, bringing attention to the contributions Black individuals have made to society.

We hope the Black History Month events hosted have sparked thoughts, inspired further conversation and that we can continue to collaborate with students in amplifying black voices.

Finally, we want to express our appreciation and say a huge thank you to everyone who got involved with this month's celebrations. You have made this Black History Month as amazing as it was – thank you for sharing your stories, experiences, talents, and culture with us at the SU, and with each other.

Lauren Taylor (SU President Student Experience)

Kira Orchard (SU President Welfare and Inclusivity)

Luke Court (SU President Falmouth)

Georgi Griskeviciene (SU President Exeter)


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