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Lori Lightfoot (Born 1962)

Through the month of October, Pride Soc will be using this account to highlight some queer, Black women who may have been sidelined or overlooked by history.

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Lori Lightfoot

Lori Lightfoot (Born 1962) swept all 50 of Chicago’s wards in the 2019 mayoral runoff election after promising to end the city’s famed backroom dealing. She is the city’s first ever Black female mayor and its first openly LGBTQ mayor.  

She excelled in school, earning early admittance to the University of Michigan, where she studied political science and graduated in 1984 before working for two years as a legislative aide. Lightfoot subsequently attended the University of Chicago Law School on a full scholarship, receiving a degree in 1989. She then served for a year as a judicial clerk for the Michigan Supreme Court. 

In June 2014, when same-sex marriage became legal in Illinois, Lightfoot married her longtime partner, Amy Eshleman. The couple has a daughter named Vivian. 

Thank you to the Pride Society and Kit Lashmar for supplying the profiles. Head over to their Instagram to see more profiles being published through out October. 


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