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Here's what you need to know about nominating to be a Sabbatical Officer!

Think you’d like to run for sabbatical officer but don’t want to run this year? Here’s 4 ways you can learn more about the role ahead of elections next year!

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Are you a 1st or 2nd year student? Think you’d like to run for sabbatical officer but don’t want to run this year? 

Here’s 4 ways you can learn more about the role ahead of elections next year! 

Join a candidate’s campaign team! 

If you know someone running for sabbatical officer this year, you could join their campaign team! This would involve helping them promote their manifesto priority and encouraging other students to vote. It’s a great way to experience what campaigning for the role will be like without the pressure of running yourself. 


Already a course rep? Run to be a department rep or subject chair next year! 

These are slightly more senior roles in the academic representation system, leading SSLGs or SSLCs and working with the most senior staff in your department or subject area to ensure student feedback is acted upon. 

This role will familiarise you with the ins and outs of your university’s academic processes, which can be particularly informative if you’re thinking of running for President Falmouth or President Exeter! 


Get involved in your Students’ Union’s Democracy! 

ALL sabbatical officers work within our SU Democracy to improve the student experience. Getting involved as a student is a great way to help them make change whilst also learning more about what their job is like! You’ll also get more familiar with the SU, your potential future workplace… 

Our SU Democracy is currently facilitated through Student Council, though this may change in the next academic year, so stay tuned for how to get involved in September 2024! 


Join our Election workshops this February! 

It’s never too early to start learning about the sabb role. We have a number of workshops taking place over the next couple of weeks that will talk you through the day to day of a sabbatical officer and what working at the Students’ Union is like. 

These sessions are taking place on both Penryn campus, Falmouth Campus and online. You can find out more and see when the next sessions are on the Elections Hub on our website! 


And remember: You don’t have to do ANY of these things to be eligible to run in our SU Sabbatical Elections! 

These are just a few ideas that will help you learn more about the role and get a bit more experience before running. 

All you need to nominate yourself is a manifesto priority you’re passionate about, and to be a current student at Falmouth University or University of Exeter (Cornwall). 


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