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Decolonising the Curriculum: Exeter survey results

We recently surveyed our University of Exeter Cornwall Campus students in order to gather their views.

Cara Chittenden, SU President Exeter 2020/21
  • 89 students completed the survey, 84% of whom were white
  • Nearly 75% of white respondents said that they have benefitted from white privilege and nearly a third said they had never challenged this
  • Only 20% of students of colour said they hadn't encountered white privilege. 20% also said they had experienced it on campus
  • 41% of students felt their classes were 'extremely dominated' by white voices
  • 58% of students agree that UoE and The SU need to take urgent action around decolonisation

Key questions

  • How do we engage underrepresented groups and marginalised voices around decolonising the curriculum?
  • How can classrooms be a place of intellectual debate and challenge, whilst also ensuring all students feel included and respected?
  • We need to focus on increasing BAME voices in the classroom. How can we create a more flexible teaching and learning model to help address in both the short and long term?

You can click here to download the full overview. You can also find out more on the Decolonising the Curriculum campaign page.

If you would like to be further involved in the Decolonising the Curriculum campaign please email


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