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Black History Month Profile - Jordan Peele

bhmprofilesBlack History Month
Illustration of Jordan Peele.

Throughout October, we want to bring awareness to important Black figures. By highlighting the challenges that the Black community has endured, we hope to help understand and support the modern community that continues to thrive today.

We have been working with Celia Dipple, a Falmouth University Illustration student, to shine the spotlight on some important figures in the Black community.


b. February 1979  

Jordan Haworth Peele is talented in many things such as acting and comedy, but his most notable work is as a director for horror films that tackle important systematic issues.  

Jordan Peele’s debut directorial film, “Get Out”, was a major critical success, with reviews from Rotten Tomatoes reading, “Funny, scary, and thought-provoking, Get Out seamlessly weaves its trenchant social critiques into a brilliantly effective and entertaining horror/comedy thrill ride”. [1]  

In a keynote conversation at Variety’s Inclusion Summit, Peele said that he “wanted to make a film for black audiences, who gravitate towards horror films but often are frustrated with unrealistic decisions made by lead characters.” 

Unlike your typical horror movie, Get Out’s antagonist isn’t a supernatural entity or violent serial killer, but systemic racism portrayed through the white characters. He also said, “The gut punch of the movie is ultimately meant to say that racism is a human problem and the ‘woke’ people know not to call themselves ‘woke’.” [2] 

Peele’s second directorial film, “Us”, also received critical acclaim, this time tackling the issues of privilege.  

About “Us”, Peele explained, “One of the central themes in?Us?is that we can do a good job collectively of ignoring the ramifications of?privilege. I think it's the idea that what we feel like we deserve comes, you know, at the expense of someone else's freedom or joy…”  

“For us to have our privilege, someone suffers. That's where the Tethered connection, I think, resonates the most, is that those who suffer and those who prosper are two sides of the same coin. You can never forget that. We need to fight for the less fortunate." [3] 

Peele has had many awards for his talent. He has been nominated for four?Academy Awards,?and another Best Picture nomination. He has also been nominated for two?British Academy Film Awards, two?Golden Globe Awards, and won one?Primetime Emmy Award. [4]. 






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