Scoff scotch watching Scots scoot off

Scoff scotch watching Scots scoot off

Friday 25 September 2020
Google Hangouts
6pm - 8pm

Do you cry to sleep every night thinking about the crimes of Tonty Blair?

Do you curse David Cameron for his willingness to risk everything on a referendum?

Do you regret the rise of national populism at home and abroad?

If any of these is true, then Les Républicains may well have the event for you. Join us while we drown our sorrows with the current state of the Political Parties, while watching the moment it all went so very nearly wrong. Les Républicains is open to students of all affiliations, and none. Until miss rona leaves, our famous dinners will have to be virtual, but perhaps you'll get a taste of the discussion which makes us such a fun society. If you like Wine, Cheese, and nostalgia for the time before politics went completely mad, get in touch, and come on down!