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    Change how the universities deal with Sexual Assault and Sexual Health

      To establish a sexual health clinic once a week in the Student Health Center on Penryn Campus. Create more awareness for issues regarding sexual assault and what consent is such as lectures at the beginning of each academic for everyone on our campuses. NO should mean NO. The system that sexual assault victims go through is currently very slow and very ineffective. We would like a quick and simple system for victims to ensure they get the support they need straight away. Such as emergency
    Matt Blewett
    11:02am on 12 Apr 17 At the FXU Leadership Team meeting on the 14th March, this was allocated to FXU President Welfare and Community to take forward.
    Harry Bishop
    12:50pm on 13 Mar 18 Closing comment: this idea was mandated to my predecessor and the previous FXU President Community & Welfare. Sexual health services availability are limited in the Falmouth and Penryn area and whilst the on-campus GP offers some basic testing and advice, 'the hub' in Truro is the closest full service. Whilst this continues to be a conversation with the NHS, we do not yet have a dedicated sexual health clinic in the Student Health Centre on Penryn Campus. Over the summer, whilst students are away, I am hoping to create a sexual health working/action group - working internal links, local charities like CRASAC and The Willow Tree Centre, as well as organisations like Royal Cornwall Hospital's chlamydia testing and sexual health team so that we can start working together to start lobbying stakeholders like the NHS and Student Services for these facilities and services to be provided. Research into 'consent workshops' has shown that they have been ineffective mechanisms for other unions. I plan to work with a new student-led group to start talking about, and co-creating, content around sexual assault and consent. Additionally, the Union continues to work with Cornwall & Devon police and the Living Support team on this issue and will continue to provide more resources in the near future. The reporting process for victims is too slow and whilst we not be able to influence the national government on this, we can work to make the system easier within FXU. In the near future, when there is availability, FXU staff will all be going on a variety of training including training around sexual and domestic violence and how to support victims. This will mean that FXU is will a safe space for students to disclose an incident and feel appropriately and effectively supported in the first instance before ensuring that the student is not being misinformed or receiving the wrong information, this way they can be effectively re-directed to the correct service in a respectful and sensitive way. FXU held a sexual health awareness event in December which was attended by over 400 students. This event will happening again at the start of the next academic year to have the largest impact on Freshers' and Returners. Working with Olivia Dunlop from Royal Cornwall Hospital we are also looking into ways that chlamydia tests could be handed out/carried out at Stannary events.