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    Vegan Labelling, Woodlane Campus

      It'd be great if the vegan options were clearly labelled vegan as the Woodlane Campus seems to be behind the Penryn one on matters like this! Also requesting kitchen staff to ensure they use separate utensils for veggie/vegan/meat foods.
    Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson
    2:09pm on 5 Dec 15 UPDATE: Hi all! The catering team at Woodlane campus have introduced clearing labelling on all food - indicating ingredients used and what is/isn't Vegan and or vegetarian. Feedback I've been sent has indicated that this is a good step but more clarity has been requested again so I've taken this back to the relevant teams to see how we can progress this further. More Updates soon! Cheers, Amanda (FXU President Student Experience).
    Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson
    4:04pm on 26 Apr 16 Hello all, I've been told by several students that the new and improved signage is satisfactory. This being the case, I've 'completed' this idea on Make A Change. If you want to chat to me about it please email :) Cheers, Amanda (FXU President Student Experience).