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    Meat Free Mondays

      Both campuses speak of their aim to be green - but it's well known that meat is unsustainable; its production is a main cause of C02 emissions, uses far more resources than plant-based food, and is responsible for high emissions of methane. Taking part in meat-free mondays in both canteens, with a view to decreasing meat consumption and promoting plant alternatives on campus would be a vital first step in showing that the universities are sincere in their desire to be more sustainable.
    Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson
    3:50pm on 13 Oct 16 This idea was passed by the FXU Leadership Team at the meeting on 11/10/2016 and allocated to myself (FXU Student Experience President) to pursue. However, the Leadership Team wanted it made clear that what they were actually passing was for me to start by working with the catering teams to increase non-meat and vegan options at all campus canteens as well as then working to promote the benefits of not-eating meat for environmental purposes. I should also make it clear the FXU do not directly run the catering outlets across campus and therefore it is a case of negotiating with the catering teams, rather than affecting change straight away.
    Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson
    2:47pm on 25 Jan 17 This idea is something I'm working on with the catering manager. The joint University catering team is implementing quite a few changes to the current service and I'm actively involved in all these discussions, part of which involves branding/signs/details within the facilities. This will be something that's added to my long term to do list and I will keep the proposer of this idea and the FXU Leadership Team up to date with how its going. Thanks, Amanda (FXU President Student Experience)