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    Get the Universities to provide a schedule for planned expansion work.

      FXU have been working this year to get the Unis to prioritise increasing the buildings and capacity, but given the number of students now wanting to go to garden party and other events it's time the Unis provided students with schedules of when expansion is going to happen, minimising disruption to student life which has been seen this year through the heart project and fox cafe courtyard. More and more students want to attend these events each year and it's time the Unis acknowledged this.
    Matt Blewett
    9:11am on 4 May 16 Student Council allocated this to Student Experience President to carry forward.
    Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson
    11:07pm on 9 Nov 16 More detailed plans for the expansion/building work will hopefully be coming very very soon to all campuses. Its taken a fair bit of work to get us here! I will post again once these are available.
    Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson
    10:11am on 18 Jan 17 Hi everyone - recently the Universities have hosted consultations for students so they can feed into the future plans for Penryn campus and also get a clearer idea of the schedule of work that is already planned. So far these have happened on 7th Dec, 14th Dec and 12th Jan. There's more sessions planned for: - Thursday 19th Jan, 12-2, Exchange Blue - Thursday 19th Jan, 5-7, DDM Seminar E -Thursday 26th Jan, 12-2, DDM Seminar N - Thursday 26th Jan, 5-7, DDM Seminar N PLEASE GO ALONG AND JOIN IN THE CONVERSATION! I'm also continuing to work with both Universities on their individual and joint communications so we should see some progress on all this soon! Thanks all - Amanda (FXU President Student Experience)