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    Hooks in the Exchange toilets

      We have all been through the struggle of going to the toilet and having to put our coats and bags on the floor because there are no hooks on the doors. Due to the location of the Exchange, it is essential to add some hooks for us to hang our stuff. Everyone passing through has their stuff with them, and nowhere to put it.
    Oliver Cuenca
    9:41pm on 10 May 16 Damn straight.
    Ben Rowswell
    1:27pm on 8 Jun 16 UPDATE - I submitted this request to the campus estates team and have received this response today: Further to your request on the Estates Helpdesk, the Buildings Services Manager has said that our Maintenance Team can install some coat hooks. We are passing this to one of our Building Technicians to attend and get a quote for new hooks, so this is in their pipeline. Hopefully this will not take too long to get resolved.
    Ben Rowswell
    11:53am on 18 Oct 16 This was completed by the estates team over the summer