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    Bring a Student Union Bar/Club to Falmouth

      Falmouth's nightlife is under threat, with one of it's most popular clubs recently closing and another being placed on the market. The lack of affordable reliable venues along with the rising number of students will leave current bars/clubs overcrowded, and give students few options in terms of nightlife. This could help to deter potential future students. Placing a FXU bar/club (much like the Stannary) in Falmouth would offer those who don't live in Penryn a reliable, affordable venue.
    Liberty Phillips
    2:18pm on 26 Apr 16 Completely agree! Although, Five's is being sold as a whole (5 West, 5 Below, and 2 apartments) as the current owners would like to retire - so the business will still be there! It does mean the new owners can change the licensing etc. if they wish, though.
    Megan Gill
    2:44pm on 26 Apr 16 Agreed, the fact that Mango's is closing because of someone who chose to live behind a club then got annoyed at the noise is ridiculous.
    Matt Blewett
    9:05am on 4 May 16 Student Council allocated this to All Presidents to carry forward.
    Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson
    11:06pm on 9 Nov 16 This is perhaps one of the slightly more long term Make A Change ideas I was assigned. FXU are very aware of the lack of satisfaction with nights out currently and do all we can (potentially more then is visible) to encourage more events both on and off campus. I have not yet managed to open a bar/night club in town though and FXU currently aren't in the position to open one in town.