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    Parking Meters Have Extra 15 Minutes Per Band

      The carparks at Penryn Campus are done in hour long bands. Lectures are 1 hour long, so we have to arrive 5-10 minutes beforehand to make it on time. Lectures usually take the maximum time, and it takes another 5 minutes at least to get back to your car. That's 10-15 minutes spread either side of lectures. Please increase the staying time bands by 15 minutes each, especially to stop us having to pay for only 1 hour lectures or risk a ticket.
    Liberty Phillips
    1:56pm on 11 Apr 16 You shouldn't be fined anyway - as of April 2015 (before the car park changed from a permit car park) there is a 10-minute 'grace period', meaning that you cannot get a fine for the 10 minutes after your ticket expires. Granted, as soon as it's past that time, you'll probably get slapped with a ticket. The grace period applies to when the control period starts (I think this is 8am on campus, so you cannot be fined until 8:10am, to give you time to buy a ticket or move your car). It also applies to the expiry of a paid-for ticket within the control hours, and expiry of a free parking period. As long as you have a ticket, and are correctly parked in a bay, there shouldn't be any issues! If you do get a ticket despite the 10 minutes, they are relatively easy to dispute, as long as you hang on to your original ticket as proof :)
    William Nicholls
    1:58pm on 11 Apr 16 10 minute grace isn't enough though. That's arriving exactly 5 minutes before lecture, 5 minutes to get back to car after it finishes.
    Matt Blewett
    9:08am on 4 May 16 Student Council allocated this to Student Experience President to carry forward.
    Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson
    11:01pm on 9 Nov 16 This was turned down by the two University car parking strategy group, however, they did note the above comments and are committed to ensuring that their car parking provision works for students. There are of course wider conversations around car parking on campus and the concerns here - especially when affecting peoples work - are taken seriously.