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    Request that Falmouth University cap Illustration intake to 100 students

      The university are planning to take on 140 new Illustration students in September 2016. This will drastically damage the reputation of the course causing industry to see the university as prioritising profit over quality. It risks the possibility of one on one tutorials and regular crit groups happening and will cause constant battles for already stretched resources. It turns the course into a profit-driven, impersonal and unlively hub that goes against all of Falmouth's values.
    Madeleine Broad
    9:30pm on 8 Mar 16 very well said! here here! This goes for Fine Art too. Can we borrow your wording, 'anonymous', and make our own tab? x
    Ella Kasperowicz
    9:37pm on 8 Mar 16 That sounds great, I will back it up! Let's stop the uni prioritising quantity over quality^
    Matt Blewett
    11:25am on 30 Mar 16 Student Council decided to defer this one, while one of the president's contacted the student(s) who submitted it. They will request more information and evidence to see if the student(s) would edit the idea to include other courses, and/or share with other course reps so that we are not championing one course to the possible detriment of other courses.
    Matt Blewett
    10:57am on 11 May 16 This falls into ongoing work being done surrounding both institutions’ growth, in which FXU are supporting sustainable growth. Meaning that FXU have requested that the universities show an proportionate increase in facilities and resources, in line with student growth.