Stay on top of your group’s finances with our training resources, with access to everything from jargon busters to how-to guides.
Stay on top of your group’s finances with our training resources, with access to everything from jargon busters to how-to guides.

Clubs & Societies have a great opportunity to fund their projects throughout the year. Guidance on grants available and external sponsorship partnerships should set your club in a good stead.

Student Group Finance allows SU members to request reimbursements after covering costs from their club or society’s activities

Grants & Funding 

Available funding could ensure you cover your club’s project or season’s costs.

University of Exeter Annual Fund

The University of Exeter makes some funds available for student groups to apply for to enable projects and activities throughout the year.

According to the criteria: 'To be successful, projects must demonstrate that they will enhance the student experience and impact upon a large audience of students. In addition, projects which create or improve links with the local community or which help to promote Exeter on a national or international scale will be looked upon more favourably.'

To find out more about Annual Fund and apply, head to the University of Exeter webpage.

Applications are assessed on a monthly basis.

Exeter Annual Fund

Tips for a good grant application

•Make sure the application form is filled in correctly and completely. If it looks like you can’t be bothered to answer fully the committee might think that you won’t be bothered to organise your activity properly.

•Be realistic, it’s very unlikely that your application for £200 worth of decorations for a single eventwould be approved.

•Generally, we like to see as many people as possible benefiting from the funding so make sure your highlight this in your application.

•Show value for money, can you buy in bulk? Can you share equipment with other societies or clubs? Haveyou asked different suppliers for quotes?

•Has your group thought about if and how it will contribute to the costs involved? If you are asking for the full amount you should demonstrate that you are not just relying on Students’ Union funding?

•Be specific – know exactly what you want to deliver/buy and why

•Relate your application back to your student groupsaims and objectives

•Show the benefit – think about who will benefit and how. The wider and bigger the impact the more likely it is your application will be successful



With the costs of running a club/ society increasing, arranging sponsorship is an effective way of covering certain costs like kit, equipment, facilities, transport or an event.

Sponsorship can be drawn up any time during the year and the sponsorship contract needs to be received by the SU a month in advance of an event. A sponsorship contract outlines the agreement between the two parties and this needs to be sent to cc’ing Communities in the email. If all the correct information is provided, the SU invoices the prospected sponsor.

Contract of Sponsorship Agreement 


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