Using the Card Machine

Use an SU card machine to collect money for your club or society without using cash.
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Using an SU Card Machine to collect money for your group

The Students’ Union own 2 mobile card readers called SumUp 3G that can be used by student groups to take payments for fundraising. You can fundraise for your own group or a charity. The card readers use 3G connection and don’t need any other equipment.

How to book the Card Machine

If you want to book the card machine, you'll need to complete the relevant section on your event proposal form. All student group events need an event proposal form so you'll need to fill one of these in, even if it's a really small event, or you've run it before. You can find details about running an event below.

Running an event

If the card machine is available on the day of your event, one of the team will get in touch about collecting it. You'll need to fill in a loan agreement form before you borrow the machine. Machines can be collected from the SU Office in Penryn during office hours (10am - 4pm).

Complete your loan agreement

How to use the card machine

Once the card reader is charged up and turned on, it is ready to take payments! Just enter the amount being charged (i.e. 2.00 for £2) and tap a contactless card on the top of the reader.

How To Use the Card Machine

Returning the card machine

When you are done with the card machine, please return it to the SU Office and fill out the Return Form.

If your group fails to return the card reader on time after your event (the next working day morning, if collecting on a Friday to use over the weekend then it is to be returned on the following Monday morning) and if the return the card reader form is not completed, future use will be restricted.

Getting your money

The card reader is linked directly to the SU bank account, so income is deposited directly into the SU bank account within two working days. The SU Finance Team will process the income and ensure it is transferred to the relevant Student Group account.

The card reader takes a transaction charge of 1.69% for every card payment. See below for how the transaction charges will affect payments:

  • Take £100, see £98.31 in your bank account
  • Take £10, see £9.83 in your bank account
  • Take £2, see £1.97 in your bank account

Please note that the minimum amount that can be processed on a card through the SumUp 3G Card Reader is £1.


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