Summer FAQs

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Student group at Welcome 2022.

What paperwork do I need to submit?

The affiliation page on the committee hub will show you all of the information that you need to submit. All of your paperwork needs to be submitted via the affilation submission form, which is linked on that page too.


What should I be doing with my committee over the summer?

We want to ensure you all have a good break this summer and enjoy some much needed time off. Any communication and organisation you can do with your committee early on and during the summer months will ensure a smooth September for your group. We understand some things cannot be planned too far in advance but ensuring all the committee understand their roles, what they can do to support their group/committee and best communication channels will mean you can hit the ground running when you start term!

We don’t know yet what welcome events we are planning, what should we do?

We won't be asking you for details about your events in Welcome weeks until a bit later in the Summer. We will let you know the process and deadlines for running welcome events via email and on the committee hub.

What happens if I still don’t have 3 committee members for 2022/23?

If you do not have the minimum 3 committee members in post following online elections then you must speak with your coordinator and they will advise accordingly depending on the type of group.

When do we start our role on the committee?

Handover can happen at any point the outgoing committee is ready to handover. This usually takes place at the end of term 2/during term 3 so the incoming committee can shadow or have some experience with the outgoing committee. Formally you join the committee on the 1st August and remain in post until the 31st July the following year. This means your website permissions will not be active to amend group pages until the 1st August 2022.

What does a committee member do?

You make the decisions to ensure the smooth running of your group throughout the academic year, help arrange activities. Each role has a specific area of responsibility and more guidance about the core committee roles can be found in the committee hub. It is the responsibility of all committee members to look after your members & keep in communication with The SU Team.

Committee Roles

What do I do if one of my committee members is not pulling their weight?

If you have concerns about one of your fellow committee members, we suggest the first port of call is to try contacting them one more time. You might have already tried this several times with no response, if you have perhaps try a different method of communication, if you always try email, try on their Facebook or other social media. If contacting them again proves unsuccessful please book a time to speak with the Student Activities Team and as a next step we will get involved.

How do I contact another student group?

All groups' details are on their SU webpage which should show up to date contact info once the page is updated after 1st August. There is also committee member Facebook groups you can join to share ideas/post events/ask for help etc. Your coordinator will send these details as part of affiliation.

When can I use the website to access our group pages?

Your permissions will allow group page access as of 1st August 2022. We will send all committees details of how to use your page and guidance to gain the best use of the system. Instructions on how to use the website can be found on the committee hub.

When do memberships open?

The Student Activities Team will update you on membership dates but these are set for opening on the 22nd August for Standard memberships (student) and on the 26th September for Associates (non-students/externals). Students can still participate in welcome/taster sessions prior to purchasing a membership.

*Please note that committee members must purchase a standard membership.*

How do I check my group account balance?

You will have been sent an account summary by your SU Coordinator which will show your latest group account balance. If you spot any errors or want to double check please contact your SU Coordinator to provide an up-to-date figure.

How do I apply for group funding?

Please go to the Student Group Funding page on the committee hub for more details.

Apply for Student Group Funding

How soon should I expect a response from the Student Activities Team?

We support nearly 150 groups so we will do our best to respond to any enquiries as soon as we can, usually within 3 working days. The team are taking some leave as well during the summer months but there will always be someone available if you need any support and can be contacted on

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