All the information and templates required for your group to re-affiliate to The SU for the next academic year.
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What is Affiliation?

Every year, we ask our student led groups for some information over the summer to help them to plan their activity for the year, and to ensure that their group is safe, sustainable and meets the needs of their members.

How does Affiliation work?

This year, we will be asking groups for affiliation information in two stages through the summer, so that we are only asking for info at the point that you will be ready to confirm it. What your group will need to do for each stage is below, but if you get stuck, get in touch with the Student Opportunities team, who will be happy to help.

How to submit your information

All groups should use the affiliation form to submit their documents to the Activities Team.

What to submit

The affiliation window for 2022/23 is open now with the deadline of 30th June 2022.

Affiliation Submission Form

You will need all of the information below in order to submit the form, so make sure you get all of your documents ready before you submit.

General Risk Assessment

You should submit a risk assessment document which covers general activity for the year during the affiliation process. This should cover your main activity, anything which you do regularly and is part of your groups' core activity. If your group runs events through the year which are one offs, you should submit these separately when you plan the event, and not include this in your general risk assessment.

For example, if you are a part of the Extreme Ironing Club, your weekly ironing training sessions should be covered in your general risk assessment, but your one-off guest speaker event with the Ironing world champion should be submitted at the time of the event.

There is more information about completing your risk assessment document on the risk assessment guidance page. You can also download the template document below.

Risk Assessment Guidance

Group Budget and Funding

You should submit an overall budget for your group's activity this year. While some numbers will be estimates at this stage, it is important to submit as accurate a budget as possible, as this will impact your membership prices and funding application.

This year, your budget form and the funding application have been combined, so that you can think about all of the information together.

There is more information on the Student Group Funding Process for this year, including guidance on completing your Group Budget and Funding Document below.

Group Budget and Funding Guidance

Regular Room and Facility Bookings

You should include the details of the regular rooms or facilities you would like to book for your group to use. These are the venues you will use for regular sessions, meetings or training sessions, and include facilities on and off campus. If you have questions about what spaces you can book, or need more assistance, please speak to the Activities Team.


If you have updated your constitution this year, please submit a copy of your updated constitution. All groups should use the template constitution which you can download below. Make sure that if you are sending us an updated constitution you are using the right template.


During July

After your affiliation submission has been received and reviewed by the Activities Team, you will have the opportunity for feedback on your submission, especially your budget and funding application. The Activities Team will reach out to you directly for this.

Follow up information

Membership Prices

You should use the information on your budget form, and the decision on your funding application to set your membership prices for the year. When we reach out to your group with feedback, we may reccommend that you change your membership prices based on the funding you receive.

If you want to change your membership prices based on the feedback you receive, you will need to submit an updated copy of your budget form. If we do not receive an updated budget from you, we will upload the membership prices you specify during affiliation.

Have a look at the Funding and Budgeting Guidance for more information.

Funding and Budgeting Guidance

Welcome Events

In the past we have asked you to confirm your Welcome events as part of your affiliation. This year, we will be working with you to confirm these during July/August.

Additional Forms

Not every group will need to use the forms here, but if you do, please submit these using the links below.

  • If you have an instructor or coach, you will need to complete an Instructor Form.
  • If you or someone in your committee will be driving their own car as part of your group activity, please complete the Private Vehicle Form. You must complete this form if you want to claim expenses for mileage.
  • If you have group owned equipment please complete and submit an inventory form to show what equipment you have and where it is stored.

Instructor Form

Private vehicle form


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