VoicesVoices is a student-led campaign run through Falmouth & Exeter Students’ Union, providing a platform for people whose voices might previously have been lost in the noise.

A multi-channel venture, on and off line, Voices is comprised of impactful events and prestigious volumes, sharing the raw, authentic experiences of our students.


Since the project commenced in October 2017, Voices has reached thousands of people and toured the Netherlands and UK sharing Voices stories and best practice with other Universities.

Volume One 'Black History Month' was selected as  1 of  '5 Publications Making Black History' in the Issuu blog.




Voices Celebration


Everyone is welcome to join us for an evening of celebration: 

- Arrival drinks & canapés
- Live music from Hannigan
- Insights from the people involved in Voices, from the storytellers to the people behind the scenes
- Exclusive preview of the documentary 'Lost in the Noise' inspired by Voices.




The Volumes are available to view online now and also on campus – in the Library and the SU Offices. 

You can download your very own digital copy here: Volume One | Volume Two | Volume Three | Volume Four | Volume Five | Volume Six | Volume Seven | Community Edition | Volume Nine

Voices Volume Ten

Voices Volume One
Voices Volume Two
Voices Volume Three
Voices Volume Four
Voices Volume Five
Voices Volume Six
Voices Volume Seven
Voices Community Edition


Stay Connected

Watch this space for future Volumes and events and follow Voices on Facebook for the latest updates.


Photos and Video

You can view all our photos and videos on the Voices Facebook page including our launch events.


Voices Links

Explore the following  links for more Voices related content:

'5 Publications Making Black History' - Issuu blog feature

Voices: Raising Student Voice Above the Noise - web article


Contact Us

To have your voice heard in a forthcoming volume of Voices, please email voicessu@gmail.com


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Our thanks go to SU for their constant and ongoing support in facilitating this project and to Falmouth University and the University of Exeter.

The views expressed within this publication are the individual's own and do not reflect those of the Universities, SU and the team involved in its production.

Polite Warning

Volumes contain language which may be offensive to some readers and references to issues which may be triggering to survivors.

If you need to talk to someone, please contact the Student Support Services team or visit thesu.org.uk/welfare





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