Student Voice Awards

The SU Student Voice Awards are an opportunity to appreciate the input of students and staff of the University of Exeter Cornwall Campuses and Falmouth University.
A student handing a staff member a certificate at the Student Voice Awards

Going the extra mile

The awards are our chance to show our appreciation of the pro-active and hardworking students who do so much outside of, or in addition to, their studies. These are the people who go the extra mile to shape the future for themselves, the SU and the universities.

2019/20 winners

Falmouth Innovation in Representation

Sebastian Davis

Seb has been an amazing rep this year alongside a peer and has ensured that all student feedback is heard. One of Seb’s amazing achievements was the cross SoFT collaboration group he created called SOFT+, of which he is now Director. SOFT+ encourages the use of the facilities at Falmouth to the maximum; ensuring students get their ‘value for money’. To date, the group has begun regular meetings, and initiated a collaboration with MAYN Creative. Sebastian is new to SoFT and has encouraged both staff and students to open up and engage with more extra-curricular activities, which will make a difference in university and when each year group comes to graduate. Long may the scheme continue!

Exeter Innovation in Representation

Lizzie De Lusignan & Becky Thomas

Falmouth Dedication Award

Sophia Rodyakin

Sophia Rodyakin has taken on her duties as a rep with zeal and enthusiasm since day 1. Combining her roles as ambassador and student representative for the brand new BA Game Art course, Sophia has been Instrumental In evolving the degree to become something much more cohesive and synergised now than when she began as a student three years ago. Reps on a new course always have extra levels of responsibility, and Sophia has put up with constant requests from the staff team to try out new approaches, take the temperature of the students or tell us an initiative is bonkers. The excellent thing about Sophia as a rep is that she comes up with ideas or actively goes and sets up working groups to investigate issues which come out of student consultation. Running departmental forums, contributing to departmental committees and getting to grips with some really tough subjects, such as the Increasing mental health referral Incidence on campus and countering 'crunch culture'. She leaves a legacy of a BA Game Art course: it has a much stronger identity and fit within the community of the Games Academy, and she will be missed!

University of Exeter Dedication Award

Gee Roberts

Teamwork in Representation

Sophie Gray & Rebecca Hardess

Rebecca and Sophie have been, quite frankly, the best Department Chairs SoFT has ever had. Their commitment to improving our courses and the experience that students have on them, and in their time at Falmouth, is evident. As Department Chairs, they clearly form the link between courses, Departmental Committee and the Students' Union. They are always happy to take on committee actions themselves and see them through to resolution, taking all responsibilities of a committee member seriously and with ease. There has been a call for more course social activities within the department this year and both Chairs have been involved in effecting this change, often working on their own initiative. Their attendance at Departmental Committee and SSLGs is flawless - they've both even confirmed their attendance for the summer 2020 committee, after term has ended (and Rebecca will have finished her third year)! While they are both wonderful we have nominated them jointly because they truly act as a team - working together to get feedback at Department Chair Working Groups and making an effort to truly ensure that all SoFT courses, and year groups, are represented equally at Departmental Committee. Together they make a formidable team!

SU Executive Officer Award

Ellen Monaghan

SU Committee Member Award

Nicola Cowper

Falmouth Course Rep of the Year

Grace Kelsey

As well as representing the students with enthusiasm, Grace has acted on behalf of the students beyond her role. For example, when the student body wanted more peer review sessions in the first semester, Grace found out free times, researched how to book rooms, and organised it all herself. This is all on top of outstanding performance and perfect attendance, and her attendance at just about all extracurricular events around the department.

Exeter Course Rep of the Year

Maria Watson

Falmouth Department Chair of the Year

Occy Crowe

Octavia stepped up to the role with relatively late notice, embracing rhe role and being conscientious in her approach, reading through previous SSLG minutes and navigating a tricky first Departmental Forum, showing a clear ability to lead. She has established, alongside her peers, a positive culture of sharing allowing for successful feedback.

Exeter Subject Chair of the Year

Valentine Douady & John Brereton

The Daniel Palmer Award

Sebastian Davis

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