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The SU Awards 2024 - Winners and shortlist

The annual SU Awards ceremony celebrates the achievements and wins of students for the academic year.

SU Awards

From the collaborative work of course reps with your lecturers to create change in your academic experience to the amazing efforts of our sports clubs and societies to enrich your extra-curricular activities, you prove year on year that students know how to improve the university experience and working together as a community is the only way for us to achieve that.
Congratulations to the following people and groups who made it to the shortlist. With over 220 nominations, the panel judges had a hard time selecting who would make the shortlist and win each award.

Teamwork in Representation

William Evans and Emily Harris

Emily and Will didn’t know each other at the beginning of the academic year but quickly became a formidable partnership as joint Subject Chairs of the University of Exeter Business School Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC). The SSLC achieved more this year in terms of completed actions than any previous year due to the effective leadership of the committee by Will and Emily.
Jemima Cummings and Dylan James Gustafson

Jemima and Dylan are the Theatre Arts and Music Department reps for AMATA. Their rep meetings are separate but despite this they have worked hard to cross-collaborate and support students across the whole department, regularly hosting meetings outside of their scheduled Student Staff Liaison Groups (SSLGs) to check in with course reps and see how they can help. They showcased a brilliant, collaborative approach to academic representation, earning them a spot on the shortlist.
Winner: Jemima and Dylan

Falmouth Rep of the Year

Bridget Bowers

Described as “the best chair I’ve ever seen” in the nomination, Bridget showcases amazing chairing skills and sensitivities. Her patience, intuition, organisation and leadership are everything a chair should be and earned her a place on the shortlist.
Nicoletta Corbett

As a third year rep, Nicky dealt with difficult circumstances in Graphic Design with sensitivity and understanding, remaining level-headed and receptive to student and staff perspectives. Nicky presented a robust and impactful case to the department to prompt lasting change.
Leo Stinton

Leo is a brilliant Department Chair who is engaging and supportive of all the course reps in his department. His efforts in gathering feedback from his year group and course have supported decisions made on the course. He has supported Hannah, President Falmouth, with sabbatical projects by gathering helpful qualitative and quantitative feedback.
Edie Hog

Working in the role since her first year, Edie has represented students in a forthright and professional manner, dealing with all manner of student issues with sensitivity and tact. Her organisation skills are fantastic. Her nomination recognises the incredibly positive impact Edie has had on the student experience.  
Lottie Wyatt

Lottie has shown her communication skills in working with her course peers and tutors to share student ideas. Her work encouraged improved engagement from students, making sure they get what they want from the course and that students feel heard.

Winner: Nicoletta Corbett

Exeter Rep of the Year

Lakisha Charema

Lakisha has worked tirelessly in her role as Student Rep for Law with Business, as well as the EDI Rep, making more Exeter Streatham opportunities available to Penryn students too. Her passion for equal opportunities across all campuses has meant that others have been able to access networking opportunities that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to, without Lakisha’s instrumental input. She consistently shows up for her cohort, representing them with confidence, intelligence and professionalism, challenging the status quo to create real change for her peers.
Anwesha Nanda

Anwesha went above and beyond to create community in her cohort by planning and organising the HaSS Cornwall Ball in February. The ball was developed in response to feedback from SSLC meetings, with students sharing that they wanted more of an identity and connection with the new department.
Winner: Lakisha Charema

Campaign of the Year

Rolling Forward: The wheelchair campaign (Reece Ward, Samantha Sharps, Auriel Poulaine, Orestis Collins-Alamanos)

Reece, Sam and Auriel worked together to fight for their rights to access their university education, highlighting issues of accessibility for wheelchair-users on the Penryn Campus and Falmouth Campus. The campaign has secured funding to improve accessibility and support from university staff and student support staff to continue improving the experiences of disabled students in Cornwall.

Exeter on Ecosia

Chloe Moriarty revived the Exeter on Ecosia campaign to get Ecosia as the automatic search engine on our campuses, helping to plant trees for every search made on the platform.

Winner: Rolling Forward: The wheelchair campaign

Fundraising Award

CSM Rugby Men’s

The team got behind two big charitable causes this year, raising over £6000 for charity through initiatives and activities with the team. The group raised £4706 for Sport in Mind and £2068 for Movember. Well done!

Raise and Donate (RAD) Society

The RAD committee raised over £1000 for Save the Children through their 24-hour cycle. They involved students and staff in cycling and fundraising. Most notable is that this committee revived the society in December 2023 and delivered this fundraising event in March!

Tremough FC

In the past year, Tremough raised over £2200 in honour of Ethne Brandson who sadly passed away. For context, the club was founded in 2003 by a group of students, including Ethne's son - David Brandson. After David left, Ethne, alongside her husband Bill, continued supporting the club by attending weekly matches and hosting players for end-of-season barbecues. The club added a sloth to their kit in her honour, before deciding to raise money in her memory for both Blood Cancer UK & the Lymphoma Action charity. Fancy dress 5k runs and a charity football match with alumni have contributed to the overall total.

Winner: Raise and Donate (RAD) Society

Outstanding Committee Member

Aleisha Braich, Vice President of Asian Society

Aleisha has always gone above and beyond to ensure that every event in the Asian society occurs at the best standard and that everyone involved feels included and unequivocally welcome. She works hard to make Asian Society a safe space for all who want to enjoy Asian culture and feel more at home. Aleisha was described as having “the kindest soul” in her nomination.

Ruby Hancox, Vice President of CSM Rugby Ladies

Leading a rugby team is a tough job, and Ruby has been a massive part of the welcoming community at CSM Rugby Ladies. Lots of players joined who had never played rugby before, giving women the opportunity to try a new sport and get active around their university studies. Ruby has organised the first ever official CSM Rugby Ladies match by building members this year and keeping everyone interested in being involved.

Georgia Thomas, President and Women’s Captain of CSM Badminton

With two years in the role of President, plus this year as the Women’s Captain, Georgia has shown stellar commitment to CSM Badminton. She creates an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for all members, regardless of their badminton-playing ability. Juggling her personal life and final year studies with leading badminton to end the year with over 100 members, fixtures for 7 competitive teams and competing herself in Team A for the Women’s and Mixed teams is an impressive feat. Her nomination said that “her effort, enthusiasm and leadership will truly be missed”.

Owen Davies, President of Expedition Society

As a walk leader last year, Owen stepped into the role of President for 2023/24, stepping up in responsibility and with ideas to improve expedition society. His enthusiasm and resilience has been demonstrated through some testing and frustrating times but Owen continues to remain a professional leader. Overseeing regular walks, socials, collaborations with other student groups and a trip abroad, Owen’s leadership has taken the club to new heights. His nomination said “Without Owen, I will say with confidence that Expedition would not be anywhere near as good as it has become this year”.

Emily Farquharson, President of African Caribbean Society

As a leader, Emily is reflective, open and dedicated to her society. She balances the needs of members with committee time and funding to try to meet the expectations and plans that the committee want to deliver. Emily champions opportunities for members of ACS: sharing employability schemes, insight days, internships/placement opportunities, local job postings, and promoting other societies’ events alongside local businesses and events as well as the many meetings and activities of ACS. She has contributed to The SU in sharing the experiences of black/POC students and how ACS can support.

Caius Datt, President of Tremough FC

Caius is described as inspirational and hard-working. He has been involved in Tremough FC for the entirety of his studies. He has led the club to securing an historic treble in winning the league trophy, league cup, and Cornish County Cup – something that no other club has ever achieved. He has entered the club into a new Wednesday league to provide more match play for members and he is currently in the process of organising a 24-hour football match with other football clubs to raise money for charity.

Emily Guy, Secretary of SSAGOK (Scouts and Guides)

Highly motivated to improve members’ experience of the society, Emily has gone above and beyond her role as Secretary to support Scouts and Guides. Throughout the year she has organised weekly activities that are accessible to members and support other committee members to do the same. Emily also volunteers her time as a leader at 4th Falmouth Scout Group, creating an important link between the society and the local community. She has also been an instrumental part of organising the SSAGOK 5 year anniversary meeting, where alumni from all over the country came back to Cornwall to celebrate the club and its members.

Lucy Renville, Events Secretary of Dance Society, Secretary of Tap Dancing and Vice Captain of Cheerleading

Lucy puts her heart and soul into ensuring everyone has the best experience at Dance and Cheerleading. Her positive attitude and welcoming presence helps new member feel comfortable at weekly sessions. Lucy organised the annual Performing Arts showcase this year, bringing together 9 different societies and giving over 100 students the opportunity to perform on stage! Without her meticulous planning and organisation in the months running up to showcase as well as on the day, this highlight of many peoples university experience would not have been such a great success!

Winner: Caius Datt

Sports Club of the Year

CSM Football

Promoted last season and achieving a mid-table position, CSM Football have exceeded expectations for their debut in their league. The team have had many notable highs the past year, including winning the CSM Bottle Match for the fifth year running, raising over £2100 for men’s mental health, supporting other sports and societies with collaborative activities and fundraisers, and sharing equipment and skills to get more football played in our student community.

Fal Climb

Described as kind, approachable and organised, Fal Climb make everyone feel included. They are a busy committee, always organising events for members, sharing information about minibus trips and treating everyone with respect.
Expedition Society

Hosting 27 walks, 4 socials, collaborations with EcoSoc, Multisports, Cornish Language and Culture Society, and a residential trip to Slovakia, the Expedition Society has provided an amazing array of activities for their members this year. Their nomination outlined how each committee member has contributed to make the society successful through making fees cheaper, improving accessibility, and connecting with more students and other sports clubs and societies.

Dance Society

Taking members to competitions across the country and creating a supportive atmosphere, Dance Society goes the extra mile for members. Many members are involved with the group for the entirety of their university experience, citing the group as the way they have made friends and felt balanced during those busier periods of deadlines and assignments.

Winner: Expedition Society

Society of the Year

PHEM Society

Setting up in-person collaborations with SU medical societies in Cornwall and Devon and creating employability opportunities for members, PHEM Soc is an active group for all their members to connect through their interest in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine.
Tremough Follies

Tremough Follies have continued to grow this academic year, with over 50 active members regularly performing throughout the year. The group is described as uniting people from all walks of life with a passion for musical theatre.  Follies delivered their first showcase just six weeks after Welcome week, performing twenty song and dance numbers to a sold-out audience, giving every performer a moment in the spotlight. The performance was choreographed, designed and teched entirely by students with only limited assistance from AMATA staff. The society will be performing their musical 9-5 at the end of May and are determined to make it bigger and better than ever, utilising the group’s diverse range of talent to deliver every detail from performing to set building. The nominee wrote “I’ve been part of this society for all my three years and it has made my university experience. They are my family when I am so far away from home, my friends when I’m feeling lonely…I wouldn’t have made it through university without this society.”

Penryn Press

Celebrating 10 years of the society’s existence this year, the Penryn Press committee have consistently worked together to create spaces for students to express themselves creatively and confidently. They listen to feedback and have created a unique creative community around student publishing.
Winner: Tremough Follies

Event of the Year

The Christmas Concert by The Chorus

Bringing together five societies to perform for the student and local community, The Chorus created a space for positive impact on the mental wellbeing of everyone participating in the event through the musical talents of our students.

The Bottle Match by Charlotte Covell and the rest of the CSMSA committee

A staple part of The SU and CSMSA calendar, The Bottle Match was incredibly well organised this year. From sports teams and matches to the players dinner and afterparty. All our Camborne School of Mines sports clubs played well against the visiting teams from the Royal School of Mines in London.

Diwali by Sejal Kumar

As a part-time officer, Sejal approached The SU about leading a celebration feast for Diwali to gather international students from around the world and connect through this global festival.

The Performing Arts Showcase 2024 by Dance Society

The annual performing arts showcase gives students across all courses from both Exeter and Falmouth, the opportunity to perform on stage in front of an audience of friends and family! The event included nine different performing arts societies, over 100 students, and 24 different acts, giving students the opportunity to perform on stage after dedicating hours to their rehearsals.

For the Culture by African Caribbean Society and Asian Society

ACS and Asian Soc hosted a collaborative social at Toast in Falmouth. Tailoring the music to the tastes of their members led to a huge crowd and exciting atmosphere for everyone.

The Sustainability Award

Penryn Produce

This year, the society has provided sustainable, subsidised produce to students at low-cost and easy accessibility, making sustainable choices easy for Falmouth and Exeter students.

Becky Fry

Becky is dedicated to sustainable projects with the students’ union and in the local community. She has held the role of President of Penryn Produce for two years, was elected in the role of Green Officer and completed a project assessing food waste in the Stannary. Her passion is clear through all of her hard work throughout her studies.


Running litter picks, beach cleans, charity bake sales and more to engage students on the topic of sustainability, EcoSoc balance practical action alongside reducing their impact on the planet through careful planning and knowledge-sharing across the committee.
Winner: Becky Fry

The Inclusivity Award

Swift Society

Since forming, Swift Soc have made sure their events are accessible and inclusive, striving to create a welcoming space for people of all races, sexualities, and gender identities.

Penryn Produce

By applying for funding, Penryn Produce reduced the price of their veg bag to £5 and provided free veg bags for students who needed hardship funding. This decision goes some of the way to helping students access healthier and more sustainable options during the cost-of-living crisis.

Asian Society

Supporting Asian students with the transition to living in Cornwall is a key priority for Asian Society, they make an active effort to demonstrate and implement inclusivity on campus. They have created an inclusive environment for Asian students to celebrate their culture and non-Asians to share and participate in the festivity.

Pole Society

A warm, open and welcoming group whose ethos is “every body is a pole body”. Everyone is passionate about pole and members often feedback on how much fun they have and how safe and supported they feel.

Winner: Asian Society

Dedication to the Students’ Union

Kit Lashmar

Kit has shown excellent dedication to The SU through dedicating time and energy to societies like The Chorus and Pride Soc and through working as a member of SU Crew. They champion inclusivity and are always keen to make their idea into a reality to the benefit of our student community.

Jake Bowler

Active on three society committees and earning National awards for his contributions, Jake is reliable, caring and hard-working. His efforts have led to securing funding for new equipment, co-ordinating National radio broadcasts, and mentoring new members.

Hana Soliman

Hana has helped deliver the SU democracy pilot with energy and dedication, throwing herself into the role of co-chair of Forum and engaging in the process with curiosity and openness. She champions the idea of an open and inclusive democratic structure in The SU.

Lucy Renville

An incredibly active member of Dance Society and Cheerleading and a member of SU Crew staff, Lucy is a friendly face who is dedicated to creating amazing experiences for students. She consistently exhibits natural leadership and impressive teamwork skills in her many roles and responsibilities.

Winner: Kit Lashmar

The Andy Hocking Award

Darshan Harode

Darshan has worked hard as an Ecological Citizenship facilitator and is recognised by many for his work in the local community. He contributed to the Poly’s “Climate change is happening” event and facilitated at the “Community Climate Conversation” at Truro Cathedral. His passion for community outreach, related to climate and ecological breakdown, really shines and he is a great ambassador for the universities and the union.

Rhiannon Staples

Rhiannon champions routes into medicine for people who come from underrepresented groups, recognising the challenges that people face in pursuing a medical career. She regularly organises and runs sessions in local state schools and colleges to encourage and support applications into medicine.

Winner: Darshan Harode

The Daniel Palmer Award

Rolling Forward: The Wheelchair Campaign

Selected as the winner of winners for highlighting a barrier to accessing education and fighting for the rights of students who use wheelchairs on our campuses. Reece, Sam and Auriel worked together to create lasting impact on our campuses.

Thank you to everyone who came along to the awards ceremony to celebrate, we hope you enjoyed the evening. Look out for the photos coming soon on our SU Facebook page.


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