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There is always a huge demand for animal care volunteering and this project is a great one!

SU Flicka Volunteering Project gives students the opportunity to work with rescued horses and donkeys. It is open to anyone with an interest in animal care and requires no experience or prior knowledge!

The project will provide you good insight into animal welfare issues, which may be helpful to some course modules, as well as teaching basic equine care skills. The Flicka Foundation Donkey Sanctuary is local (around a mile from Penryn campus) so transport cost are minimal and you are helping give back to the community, while getting to spend time outside with some wonderful four-legged friends!

This project is in response to a real need, Flicka is a non-profit organisation that is severely understaffed with a growing number of mouths to feed (there are currently more the 70 donkeys on site!). The more helpers the merrier!

What will you get from this project?

  • Good physical exercise: volunteers will be on their feet doing a range of activities from clearing the fields to grooming the animals. who needs a gym membership? not us!
  • Mental welfare: contact with animals has been proven to help with the many stresses of life including more serious issues such as anxiety and depression.
  • Increased skill base: there will be opportunities to get involved with any fundraising we do, and the skills gained at the yard will look good on any CV (not to mention the hours of volunteering you’ll be doing!).
  • Requires no specific knowledge: we want to encourage as diverse a group as possible, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn skills and do different jobs.

This project is open to all students, both Falmouth and Exeter! If you have any questions regarding inclusivity or accessibility, please get in touch!

Done forget to join our Facebook page where we post regular updates as well as our weekly sessions!

or to find out more about this project you can contact the committee directly:

Project Committee: Ellie, Ellen, Olivia and Matt

This is a Student Led Volunteer Project: http://www.fxu.org.uk/volunteering_rag/student-led-projects/




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