The Beach Clean Project


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In 2006, a UNEP study estimated 1 million seabirds die from mistaking plastic for food every year as well as around 100,000 sea mammals. The increase in plastic, namely plastic bags and bottles, are the main cause of environmental damage to our beaches.

We have decided to tackle this issue by taking matters into our own hands! To make an impact on the beaches on our doorstep, here in Cornwall, we would love for you to join us on this unique volunteering opportunity. In 2018, Emily Gilford and Rhiannon Akhurst became co-presidents of the project and guided it to new successes working with the community and international organisations such as Big Blue Ocean Cleanup.

You may have been to beach cleans before but we’re hoping to make ours a bit different! 

And it's not just beach cleans! River cleans, plastic trawls and plastic repurposing events are just a few things that we've got going so far, and even running workshops to repurpose some of the things we find when we go out on cleans. We've even won a national award for our beach cleaning efforts!

You can help to keep Cornwall clean whilst gaining experience in data collection with our very own surveys, enjoy some exciting guest speakers and socials. We have a few local partnerships (Beach Care, SAS, AK Wildlife Cruises and Big Blue Ocean Cleanup to name but a few) who we’ll be working closely with, so this could open many more doors for the project and for you. This project is open to all students on all courses, as well as local people with a passion for coasts. Keep up to date with our events on our Facebook page.

2019/20 Project Leaders: Emily Gilford, Rhiannon Bainbridge, Katie Tamin and Gethin Jenkins-Jones.

2020/21 Project Leaders: Kate Thomas, Freya Steele, Isabelle Watt and Alix Robinson.


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