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The FXU Poker Society organises well structured poker tournaments for both Falmouth and Exeter Students. We welcome players of all abilities. We always welcome new players, especially new to the game as we always provide amateur training if desired. We organise tournaments on a weekly basis and run a league table throughout the year based on weekly results. Most of all the game is played in a fun and friendly atmosphere, encompassing all players equally.

How to play Poker

Poker is a skill-based card game where you must either have the best hand and get everyone to bet, or 'bluff' to avoid losing your chips. We play Texas-hold'em. Each round has 4 stages, the blind, the flop, the turn and the river. After the river, players show their hands and the best hand wins. If all but one of the players fold before the river, the last player standing wins all the chips that were bet. You do not have to show your hand unless it is the winning hand, but it is good ettiquette to show if your opponents have paid for it.

The position that you finish in a tournament determines how many points you get. Points are used to determine the size of your bonus stack at the end of the tournament league. In a cash game, points are not awarded and you can leave whenever you want to.

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Wed 30th September

Poker Society £50 Free Roll
30th September 6pm - 11:59pm
Welcome to the first tournament of the year. This is a free event with £50 up for grabs. The tournament will take place in the Poker Society club on Pokerstars. Everyone is welcome to come along and test their poker skills. Good luck.





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Poker Meetings:

As of the current situation with COVID-19 we're unable to confirm any specific dates for games, either in person or online, but closer to the term start date we will update this with more accurate information at a later date.