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Welcome to Journal Soc - the most wholesome society on campus! Bring your journals, notebooks and stationery stashes and let's get journaling together! 

We welcome journalists of all kinds from bible, gratitude, pre-made or personal, and even photography, art or travel journals - there's something for everyone and we can all learn from each other!

We are the first society on campus to promote organisation and planning using journals, blank notebooks and personalised diaries. Here at Journal Soc we wish to spark creativity and provide a place of inspiration to increase productivity on campus, whislt also keeping track of our mental health, all in the pursuit of becoming the most organised student community around!

Journal Soc will act as a focus group where we can recommend supplies, tracker ideas, monthly and weekly layouts and student organisation spreads. We're not all serious and about strict time management though - all of us love a good doodle, some washi tape and a splash of colour here and there. We're all about creativity and organisation being combined, making our journals functional but aesthetic too! 

Make sure to bring along your journal, a pen, a cup of tea and some snacks - let's get journaling!


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Wed 30th September

Bare Necessities - Freshers
30th September 7:30pm - 9pm
This weeks freshers session is about the bare necessities of journaling! We will tell you all about the stuff you need to start journaling, but also have some fun!


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We will host Journal Soc meetings every Wednesday from 7:30pm to 9:00pm starting on the 23rd September 2020!
Keep an eye on our social media to see what each weeks themes are!