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Since the project commenced in October 2017, Voices has reached thousands of people and toured the Netherlands and UK sharing Voices stories and best practice with other Universities.

Volume One 'Black History Month' was selected as  1 of  '5 Publications Making Black History' in the Issuu blog.

The Volumes are available to view online now and also on campus – in the Library and the SU Offices. Checkout the e-magazine @ https://issuu.com/fxu-marketing & on Voicesproject.net 

You can view all our photos and videos on the Voices Facebook page & Instagram including our launch events.

For more info checkout : https://www.thesu.org.uk/voices/


The views expressed within this publication are the individual's own and do not reflect those of the Universities, SU and the team involved in its production.

Volumes contain language which may be offensive to some readers and references to issues which may be triggering to survivors. If you need to talk to someone, please visit thesu.org.uk/welfare

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